Rock Weekly: Health Care Spending In America, In Two Graphs

Amy Puliafito
February 11, 2013

February 11, 2013
Conference season is in full swing and it’s time to get your schmooze on.  Check out our Events page for the full run down. Meanwhile, it’s heads down here at HQ, with less than 10 days until Demo Day.   


IBM’s Supercomputer: Jeopardy Was Too Easy, Time To Cure Cancer
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MIT Builds An Open-Source Platform For Your Body

VC Obsession: Connected Health Start-ups

eClinicalWorks To Spend $25M On Patient Engagement

Health Care Spending In America, In Two Graphs

How Design of Mobile Apps Can Promote Healthier Behavior
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Solving Big-Data Bottleneck: Scientists Team With Business Innovators To Tackle Research Hurdles
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Funding & Acquisitions

Jawbone Buys Visere & MassiveHealth To Marry Data & Design

xG Health Solutions Raises $40M To Scale Geisinger’s Achievements

Sotera Raises $14.8M For Wireless Patient Monitor
San Diego Union Tribune

Advisory Board Buys 360Fresh To Expand Its Hospital-Support Suite of Products
Washington Business Journal