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Incubator Update: Photos from the First Week

| November 13, 2012

Last week was the first full week of our fourth incubator class. Sarah Pollet, COO of Rock Health: “The program is going swimmingly. We have 14 exceedingly talented and motivated startups who just started their third week incubating with us. The entrepreneurial energy and effervescence around the office is contagious! The Rock Health team is delighted to have these new companies in our orbit and as part of our growing family. We’re all working steadily towards Demo Day in February.”

Check out more photos from our first week below. (more…)

Big news

| August 28, 2012

For the past two years, the Rock Health team has worked tirelessly with one goal in mind: to disrupt (and wake up) a balkanized, archaic industry that touches every single life on this planet: healthcare.

People often ask me why we created Rock Health as a non-profit and the answer is simple: so we can closely partner with the organizations and people who provide care. And we have.  For the past two years we’ve worked closely with top hospitals including Harvard Medical School (where we hosted 7 startups this summer), UCSF, and Mayo Clinic.  These organizations have provided insights, pilots, partnerships, funding, and even office space for Rock Health startups.  We are incredibly grateful for their openness, enthusiasm, and patience as we chart new territory.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve had three classes of startups complete our program.  That’s 35 startups.  89 entrepreneurs.  And over $25 million in follow-on funding.  We continue to refine our curriculum, grow our network of committed mentors, and throw pretty good parties.  But this is still the beginning.

Today we are excited and proud to announce a new partnership that takes Rock Health to the next level.  Each startup joining Rock Health will receive a $100,000 investment from four incredible partners: Aberdare Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Mayo Clinic, and Mohr Davidow Ventures.  We know it’s hard to launch a startup in health, and know this boost in capital will make it slightly easier.

So with that, we open applications for our fourth class.  Join us and build something useful.

4 Potential Roadblocks for Health Startups

| July 26, 2012

By Malay Gandhi and Sarah Pollet

Health care startups can sometimes face a tough path gaining traction in an industry dominated by incumbents currently enjoying large slices of a $2.8 trillion pie. Recognizing some of the roadblocks inherent to scaling inside the health care market is a smart first step for startups trying to figure out how to work (or not work) with key stakeholders.

  • Providers—local markets and fragmentation: Health care is delivered locally by 800,000 physicians in nearly 6,000 hospitals, creating a series of micro-markets that make it challenging to sell the same solution nationally. Every market exhibits unique dynamics in terms of incentives and outcomes based on the interactions of hospitals, physicians, payers and employers—Boston is very different from Bentonville when it comes to health care delivery. For startups, this can mean that while it is easy to do a pilot in any one market and meet the requirements of a single unique customer, it can be difficult to scale to an enterprise solution for all markets. (more…)

An inside look at incubators

| March 20, 2012

Not a puppy mill, but we do love dogs!


Yesterday, MedCityNews published an article eviscerating the startup support movement, including accelerators, incubators, and other such vehicles. Specifically mentioned were Rock Health, Blueprint, and Healthbox. In what amounted to an opinion piece, Kendall Wouters of Reach Ventures made such wonderfully vivid descriptions about Healthcare incubators as “puppy mills gambling with people’s dreams” producing a “garden of startups that are dead on arrival.”