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Visual Wednesdays: How Much Do Doctors Earn?

| April 23, 2014|Tags: ,

There are 798,000 active specialists in the US. Which make the most money — who is most satisfied? For one, pediatricians make relatively less money, though are among the happiest providers. Dive into the rest of the numbers in this week’s Visual Wednesdays infographic.


Visual Wednesdays: Healthcare Then and Now

| April 16, 2014|Tags: ,

What’s changed since the days of Don Draper? For one, a 24.4% increase in healthcare spending as a percentage of GDP, 10 extra years of life expectancy and a 32% increase in cancer survival. Dive in to the full infographic. (more…)

Visual Wednesdays: The Big Data Cure

| April 09, 2014|Tags:

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 6.54.47 PM

Visual Wednesdays: The Entrepreneurial Woman

| March 26, 2014|Tags: , ,

Female Entrepreneurs

Dive in and get the rest of the findings here. 

Visual Wednesdays: How To Save On Obamacare

| March 19, 2014|Tags: , ,


Visual Wednesdays: How Passive Sensors Will Support Patient Care Outside The Hospital

| March 12, 2014|Tags: , ,


Visual Wednesdays: Wearable Tech, The Next Megatrend

| March 05, 2014|Tags: , ,


Visual Wednesdays: The Virtual Waiting Room

| February 19, 2014|Tags: ,


Visual Wednesdays: The Nervous System of IT-Enabled Healthcare

| February 12, 2014|Tags: ,


Visual Wednesdays: Where The Health Dollars Go

| February 05, 2014|Tags: ,

Where the Health Dollars Go