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Visual Wednesdays: The adoption of mhealth applications

| June 18, 2014|Tags:

With over 13,000 health and fitness apps in the App Store, the market for mhealth applications is hugely consumer driven. This growing trend is bolstered by the fact that 35% of Americans believe that monitoring their health will help them live longer. Though one in four physicians prescribe apps to their patients to help them meet this goal, 42% of physicians actually worry that these apps will make their patients too independent. Get the skinny on how doctors and patients use mhealth applications with this infographic.


Visual Wednesdays: The State of 3D Printing in Medicine

| June 11, 2014|Tags: ,

From the tools used in clinical and lab settings all the way to organs and prosthetics, 3D printing has enormous potential to improve healthcare delivery. Recent advances in 3D printing technology include a genetically engineered replication of Van Gogh’s ear, a prosthetic hand and a mandible built from refractory metals. Dive into the details and learn how 3D printing could solve the world’s most pressing health issues in this infographic.


Visual Wednesdays: The 2014 Mobile Health Index

| May 21, 2014

Why are young Americans not going to the doctor? An apple-a-day keeps the doctor away but the inconvenience of making and going to doctor’s appointments is also keeping over half of all Americans away from primary care visits. Young Americans, in particular, are far more likely to postpone a doctor’s appointment than older people and 82% prefer mobile visits. Mobile health consultations are so appealing that close to 30% of Americans would give something up to utilize them.

Dive into the full infographic below.


Visual Wednesdays: Accountable Care Organizations, An Overview

| May 14, 2014|Tags:

Though Accountable Care Organizations existed before the Affordable Care Act, they got a big boost under its new fee-for-value model. The goal of ACOs is to lower costs, prevent unnecessary procedures and minimize medical errors and is projected to save almost $1B. Dive in to the details and learn what exactly an Accountable Care Organization is in this infographic. Want a rundown of the Affordable Care Act? We’ve got you covered.

Visual Wednesdays: The Doctor Is Not In

| May 07, 2014|Tags:

One key motivation for digital health efforts is the looming shortage of doctors. From freeing up providers from cumbersome record-taking to increasing their ability to reach patients meaningfully to improve outcomes, technology is ripe for transforming provider experience and patient care. Dive into this infographic, which helps explain why there’s a shortage of doctors in the first place.

Visual Wednesdays: How Much Do Doctors Earn?

| April 23, 2014|Tags: ,

There are 798,000 active specialists in the US. Which make the most money — who is most satisfied? For one, pediatricians make relatively less money, though are among the happiest providers. Dive into the rest of the numbers in this week’s Visual Wednesdays infographic.


Visual Wednesdays: Healthcare Then and Now

| April 16, 2014|Tags: ,

What’s changed since the days of Don Draper? For one, a 24.4% increase in healthcare spending as a percentage of GDP, 10 extra years of life expectancy and a 32% increase in cancer survival. Dive in to the full infographic. (more…)

Visual Wednesdays: The Big Data Cure

| April 09, 2014|Tags:

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Visual Wednesdays: The Entrepreneurial Woman

| March 26, 2014|Tags: , ,

Female Entrepreneurs

Dive in and get the rest of the findings here. 

Visual Wednesdays: How To Save On Obamacare

| March 19, 2014|Tags: , ,