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Visual Wednesdays: Healthcare Then and Now

| April 16, 2014|Tags: ,

What’s changed since the days of Don Draper? For one, a 24.4% increase in healthcare spending as a percentage of GDP, 10 extra years of life expectancy and a 32% increase in cancer survival. Dive in to the full infographic. (more…)

Visual Wednesdays: The Big Data Cure

| April 09, 2014|Tags:

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 6.54.47 PM

Visual Wednesdays: The Entrepreneurial Woman

| March 26, 2014|Tags: , ,

Female Entrepreneurs

Dive in and get the rest of the findings here. 

Visual Wednesdays: How To Save On Obamacare

| March 19, 2014|Tags: , ,


Visual Wednesdays: How Passive Sensors Will Support Patient Care Outside The Hospital

| March 12, 2014|Tags: , ,


Visual Wednesdays: Wearable Tech, The Next Megatrend

| March 05, 2014|Tags: , ,


Visual Wednesdays: The Virtual Waiting Room

| February 19, 2014|Tags: ,


Visual Wednesdays: The Nervous System of IT-Enabled Healthcare

| February 12, 2014|Tags: ,


Visual Wednesdays: Where The Health Dollars Go

| February 05, 2014|Tags: ,

Where the Health Dollars Go

Visual Wednesdays: Why Americans Pay So Much For Brand-Name Drugs

| January 29, 2014|Tags: , ,

Why Americans Pay So Much