Rock Health News10/31/16

Announcing our Management Training Program (MTP)

Written by Bill Evans

Managing Director

I’m excited to announce we’ve built a new program dedicated to helping future business leaders in digital health build a foundation for a career in the industry. Today we’re launching our Management Training Program, consisting of three unique jobs in three years at Rock Health.

We’ve designed this rotational program for early career professionals or those seeking a start in digital health to obtain experience in a variety of core business functions, including operations, business development, and research. With a new role each year, the MTP offers opportunities for professional growth while becoming part of an established and wide network of support.

At the end of the three years, Associates will be well prepared to further their careers by going on to business school (we’ll pay for a GMAT course in Year 2 to make sure you get your best score) or being placed in exciting roles at our portfolio companies. Past employees and fellows have gone on to Harvard Business School, Berkeley Haas, Wharton, and Stanford Graduate School of Business, and have taken positions at portfolio companies like Honor and Mango Health.

Are you ready to launch your career in digital health? We can’t wait to hear from you.