A pharmaceutical company with a vision of transforming disease and addiction management.

Effective care of the most hard-to-treat conditions requires approaches beyond simply taking medicine. Chrono Therapeutics took up this challenge in 2014 with $32M in Series A funding and $2.23M from the National Cancer Institute, supplemented by $48M in Series B funding in 2016 and $4.6M in grants from the NIH. Chrono is transforming how medicine is delivered and how people achieve their health goals through the convergence of optimized drug delivery, connected and personalized behavioral support, and embedded sensor technology to track and drive adherence.

The Chrono Solution: the world’s first personal smoking cessation therapy.

Chrono’s highly skilled team of engineers, scientists, technologists, designers and behavioral specialists is developing the first wearable transdermal drug delivery device. It optimizes drug dosing, is embedded with sensor technology to track and drive adherence and is connected via Bluetooth to an evidence-based smartphone application that delivers real-time personalized behavioral support. Chrono’s first application is in smoking cessation, enabling smokers to overcome the world’s deadliest addiction.

Chrono’s solution revolutionizes how people quit through medication timed to their cravings and proactive, real-time coaching just when help is needed the most.

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