Digital Health Funding Database

Learn more about the digital health venture database that drives our quarterly funding insights.

We keep tabs on every venture funding deal so you don’t have to (for more on how we spot them all, scroll down!). Our comprehensive Digital Health Funding Database product can help you identify potential targets for acquisition or business development, assess competitors, and develop management reports and analyses on digital health.

The information we track includes information on each company (founding year, founder name, gender, and education) and each deal (deal size, investors, round). We also keep tabs on each company’s value proposition(s), differentiating technology(ies), clinical indication(s), target customer segment(s), and target end user segment(s). We are eager to hear your questions and feedback on the information we track at

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Our methodology

Rock Health funding data only includes disclosed U.S. deals over $2M for digital health companies. Deals under $2M would be impossible to track comprehensively since companies often do not file their small seed rounds with the SEC or disclose them to press. We also believe that deals under $2M generate noise in key statistics, including deal count and average deal size. Disclosed deals under $2M represent less than 7% of the total we report, giving us confidence in our overall figures. All numbers in this report are for U.S.-based companies only.

Funding tracked includes debt, venture rounds, and growth equity but excludes lines of credit (working capital) and cash/equity exclusively associated with merger or acquisition activities.

Deals data is gathered based on news articles, third-party aggregators (e.g., Crunchbase, PitchBook), SEC filings, and direct communication with companies. We do not track deals from third-party aggregators unless they can be verified through another source (e.g., SEC filing or news article).