Rock Health News9/3/19

We’re hiring an Events Associate/Manager!

Rock Health

We’re searching for a dynamic Events Associate/Manager to join a growing 501(c)3 nonprofit that plays host to the digital health world. Rock Health annually hosts thousands of people at its events, cultivating a vibrant digital health community and creating educational content and experiences. The Events Associate/Manager is accountable for planning and delivering content that delights and engages audiences at Rock Health’s annual signature events—including Top 50 in Digital Health, CEO Summit, and the Rock Health Summit as well as numerous, smaller-scale events throughout the year. This individual will also be key in supporting the development of future, mission-aligned, nonprofit initiatives that go beyond our current lineup of industry-leading events.

You’ll need to be professional, energetic, organized, hard-working, highly flexible, and able to handle multiple competing priorities with a sense of calm. A passion for digital health and keen sense of what and who is current, fresh, interesting, and thought-provoking to a variety of audiences is essential. This position is based at Rock Health HQ in downtown San Francisco.


You are:

  • A planner. You are well-versed in Google Docs (particularly Sheets) and love tracking everything from budgets (large and small) to RSVPs, project tasks (we use Asana) to yearly calendars
  • Adept at managing multiple projects with competing deadlines, and prioritizing your time to get things done while remaining zen when things get hectic
  • A self-starter. You intuit what comes next and proactively tackle a project while thinking five steps ahead
  • Detail oriented. You know what questions to ask when and can spot a typo a mile away
  • A skilled communicator. You’re comfortable speaking about Rock Health and writing professional emails, witty blog posts, and thorough contracts
  • An avid learner. You care deeply about solving real problems in healthcare and are excited to get your hands dirty to do so
  • A connecter and problem-solver. You care about creating learning environments and love to spend time thinking about creative ways to reimagine content so that each event is new and engaging
  • Persistent! Nothing can stop you from finding your way to securing a big-shot speaker, negotiating an affordable exhibiting price for startups, or figuring out how to build that WordPress widget…

Responsibilities include:

Program Creation

Deliver a strategy for Rock Health’s programs and independently oversee the work planning, content creation, and execution of Rock Health’s event programming each year:

  • Develop and update Rock Health’s annual Program Strategy that articulates a set of educational, event-centric goals that directly support Rock Health’s educational mission.
  • Establish a list of events and other programs that will be held to fulfill these objectives each year
  • Develop specific goals and content strategies for each event that align with Rock Health’s mission
  • Work with the Rock Health team to conceive content and develop engaging event sessions, including writing session titles and descriptions
  • Create and manage event budgets and co-branding opportunities with sponsors and partners
  • Identify high caliber, diverse speakers and moderators who will contribute a multitude of perspectives and achieve event goals
  • Secure speakers and moderators. Conduct outreach to speakers and moderators; facilitate planning calls and pre-event support
  • Develop creative and compelling brand-aligned giveaways for the conference from various sponsors or vendors in alignment with event budgets
  • Ensure appropriate staffing for events. Secure and manage paid staff and volunteer assignments
  • Establish and achieve attendee goals—total number, price per ticket, total ticket revenue. Ensure attendee and registration management operates smoothly
  • Define event content/collateral strategy and ensure content creation and dissemination based on planned marketing campaigns

Program Partnerships

  • Identify, build, and manage relationships with sponsors
  • Ensure sponsor expectations are understood and met before and during each event. Liaise with key event sponsors prior to and during events
  • Establish favorable financial terms for Rock Health, ensuring Rock Health meets its Program revenue goals
  • Exercise strategic thinking to balance the needs of external organizations and Rock Health’s internal brand strategy
  • Ensure sponsor satisfaction. Measure satisfaction through sponsor reviews (surveys and/or post mortems) following each event

Other duties as needed.

  • Accepted file types: pdf.
    Please use the naming convention: FirstName LastName - Resume
  • Accepted file types: pdf.
    Please use the file naming convention: FirstName LastName - Cover Letter