Rock Health can now invest even more in digital health startups

“…its third fund allows it to increase its per-company investment from $100,000 to up to $250,000, effective immediately…Since Rock Health started about three years ago, its companies have raised more than $200 million from investors.”


Rock Health: Innovating at the intersection of healthcare and technology

“Four years ago when we started Rock Health, the health care industry in general was much more skeptical about the potential of technology. We knew we had to work with the system and not against it if we wanted to succeed, so we brought on some of the biggest stakeholders in the health care system to be our partners.”


3 Hot Startup Opportunities in Health Care

“If anyone knows about health-tech innovation, it’s the folks at Rock Health, a San Francisco seed fund for digital health-related startups backed by a handful of Bay Area VC firms, the Mayo Clinic, and Harvard Medical School, as well as corporate behemoths GE and UnitedHealth Group.”


The pulse of digital health

“…we have these great entrepeneurs who are building the next photo sharing app and we want them to share their talents with healthcare.”