The first venture fund dedicated to digital health

We want to make healthcare massively better for every human being.

The first venture fund dedicated to digital health

We want to make healthcare massively better for every human being.

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High-impact healthcare innovation relies on an efficient, two-sided market. On one side, startups supply new, groundbreaking solutions, adaptability, and agility. On the other, large-scale enterprise companies have both the need for innovation as well as the operations, expertise, brand, and reach to drive impact at scale. But the market for digital health is far from efficient. That’s why we’re bringing together leaders for the Enterprise Insights Series—a series of half-day events filled with insights from the latest Rock Health research, facilitated networking opportunities, and expert discussions on startup-enterprise partnerships.

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Boston | June 3, 2019
Co-hosted with Google Cloud at Google Cambridge


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Virta is an online diabetes reversal clinic.

Ambient Clinical Analytics

Powerful analytics based bedside clinical decision support tools for hospitals' critical care units.


Home care built for our parents. And you.

Kit Check

Faster, safer, and friendlier medication tracking.

Collective Health

A smarter way to provide healthcare coverage through technology.


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San Francisco, CA September 24-25, 2019

Rock Health Summit

A two-day digital health conference in San Francisco that brings together diverse minds from medicine, technology, policy, venture, and beyond to tackle healthcare’s most challenging problems.

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San Francisco, CA March 24, 2020

Digital Health CEO Summit

Co-hosted with Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship, this annual invitation-only event brings together CEOs from top digital healthcare companies for an afternoon of workshops and candid conversations.

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May 8-June 3, 2019

Rock Health Enterprise Insights Series

Rock Health’s Enterprise Insights Series convenes select healthcare enterprise leaders for curated events that feature the latest insights from Rock Health research, facilitated networking opportunities, and strategies for overcoming barriers to innovation and partnering with digital health startups.

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Quick Reads

$534M invested in the top ten digital health deals of Q1 2019

Patterns in capital concentration among digital health startups

We've reported record levels of funding for digital health in four of the past five years. Q1 2019 shows signs that funding is leveling off compared to 2018's record-smashing $8.1B total. Here we take a deeper look at patterns in capital concentration in digital health. We line up our analysis with insights from Michael Greeley, our good friend who explored the trend towards capital concentration in VC overall in his recent blog post.

Special Topics

Strategies and tactics for digital-savvy healthcare leaders

Building Pharma-Digital Therapeutic Alliances

Digital therapeutic and pharmaceutical companies are partnering to build, validate, and expand access to new, software-based solutions that improve patient outcomes. This is new territory with few precedents, and the strategies for building successful alliances remain uncertain. Drawing from numerous interviews with digital therapeutic, pharma, and health plan leaders, this research outlines how to overcome execution risks and build successful pharma-digital therapeutic alliances.

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