Rock Weekly


New possibilities for AI in healthcare.

Knocking on healthcare’s door

A “digital front door” isn’t enough.

$15.3B raised in 2022 digital health venture funding

Why funding slowed + what’s ahead in 2023.

‘Twas the week before the holidays

When all through the town…

2023 look-ahead: Boring is the new black

5 themes for leadership focus next year.

There’s room at the (innovation) table

A bountiful month for VC-health system partnerships.

What’s your (Series B) fantasy?

A Ludacris amount of news from HLTH.

The future of autoimmune care

Our investment in WellTheory.

Digital health (M&A)nia

Archetypes of M&A acquirers and targets.

Spooky szn for PBMs

New pharmacy entrants and strategies.