The middle children would like your attention

Garmin, CrossFit, Best Buy make moves.

Digital health’s Walk of Fame

Justin Bieber, Oprah, Matthew McConaughey, and more invest.

To $20B and beyond!

Q3 2021 digital health funding recap.

The new billion-dollar wave in women+ digital health

Women+ digital health startups have raised $1.3B in 2021 so far.

Healthcare’s middle children

The newest disruptors flying under the radar.

Hitched onto the acquisition wagon

M&A as a vehicle for business model transformation.

Can digital health help with healthcare worker burnout?

Across the past eighteen months, healthcare has experienced a significant workforce shortage.

It takes two to make a thing go right

Enterprise customers are asking for simpler digital health platform solutions, and we saw two deals last week taking different paths to answer the call.

“Like pea(r)s and carrots”

Digital therapeutics companies were on fire last week.

Woonsocket and Minnetonka have entered the chat

There’s always plenty of news coming out of HIMSS, but what perked our ears was the embrace of digital health business models from two of the U.S.’s big five health insurers.

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