5 SXSW panels you need to vote for

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Yea, it’s that time of year again. With only 6 months until SXSW, the first critical step to an awesome time in ‘Silicon Hills’ has arrived: panel picking. To make sure the most stellar topics in digital health are included on your whirlwind trip to Austin, we’ve created this handy guide to make voting easy peazy. So put your coozie-covered Lone Star down and vote now. Polls close September 6th.


4 critical debates for doctors from Health Innovation Summit 2014

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HISUM panel

Emily Peters, Vice President, Marketing Communications, Doximity

Two days of dynamic conversations at Rock Health’s 2014 Health Innovation Summit covered nearly every topic in medicine; from robotics to HIPAA reform. The packed audience included the big names you’d expect from Silicon Valley VC investor groups, payers, tech companies and health systems. On the physician side, this was the first year that someone from the AMA attended and there were a handful of physicians in the audience.

Of course, not every busy clinician could to make it out to the #HISUM conference, but thankfully, it’s not too late to join the conversation. Here’s four debates from HISUM that every physician should join:


Rock Weekly: “The FDA is no longer the primary authority on innovation”

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San Francisco was rattled last week, and not just by the earthquake. At our packed Health Innovation Summit, Genentech CEO Ian Clark declared its intentions with digital health, the inventor of the Google contact lens dished about his move to Amazon, and Vivek Wadhwa proclaimed that the FDA is no longer the primary authority on innovation. It’s no surprise that Todd Park wants back in on the action in Silicon Valley, stepping down as US CTO—and bringing the White House with him.

The 7 coolest things you’ll see at Health Innovation Summit 2014

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Fun at HISUM

‘Tis the day before HISUM, and all through SF, attendees are arriving to explore digital health. Tomorrow marks the fourth annual Health Innovation Summit, an unparalleled conference in digital health that brings together over 400 health and technology enthusiasts to discuss the future of healthcare. Let’s take a peek at the 7 coolest things you’ll see at HISUM this year:

1. Body map of your own biometrics. At our Health By Numbers rooftop reception, you will measure everything from your cholesterol levels (with Integrated Plasmonics’ Ladybug Kit) to breaths per minute (by Spire) and even your blood alcohol content (hello, Breathometer)—perfect for a cocktail reception complete with beats and a photo booth.


Introducing the latest Rock Health additions

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With much pride and delight, today we’re announcing the newest Rock Health portfolio companies that are using technology to tackle broad and pressing issues in healthcare. We’ve also brought on three new corporate partners to provide key strategic support to our startups and Rock Health’s operations.

These latest companies are tackling broad areas of healthcare, including issues in biotechnology, chronic disease, and healthcare regulation. We are thrilled by not only the sheer number of entrepreneurs building digital health companies, but also the incredible diversity of ideas.  With these additions, we have a diverse and active portfolio of 55 digital health companies across the country.

Without further ado, meet the latest Rock Health companies:

Rock Weekly: Introducing the newest Rock Health companies

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Rock Weekly

August 18, 2014

We’ve seen a lot this year, including the continued obscurity of digital health regulations, a giant stamp of approval for telemedicine, and the continued rise of obesity and chronic disease.

We’re excited to announce the latest additions to the Rock Health portfolio which are tackling these very problems. And to make our startup support even better, we’re also announcing three new corporate partners. Without further ado, meet the new Rock Health additions.

Why I crossed from tech into healthcare: ThriveOn

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64% of Rock Health entrepreneurs are new to healthcare, and only 6% of them have an M.D. How and why do innovators from outside healthcare break into this massively complex, highly regulated industry? In this series of posts, hear the stories and advice from seasoned entrepreneurs who made the jump.

“Mental health is still the black sheep of healthcare.”

In 2009, over 40% of adults with a serious mental illness reported not receiving any treatment. Among 18-25-year-olds diagnosed with depression, that number is as high as 55%. Everyone has felt moments of self-doubt, stress, and sadness that can build up over days or weeks and bring down even the strongest of us. Despite the prevalence of these issues, many avoid seeking professional mental health care due to the huge barriers of stigma, cost, and access.

For Nick Letourneau, this reality was much more than a simple statistic. “I dropped out of undergrad after my brother, Michael, took his own life. He had the unfortunate combination of lifelong depression and a resistance to traditional therapy.”


Rock Weekly: Doc in a box

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Rock Weekly

August 11, 2014

Thanks to not one, not two, but three separate portfolio companies raking in $28.5M last week, Rock Health startups have now raised a whopping $192M.

Among them is a brand new addition to the Rock Health portfolio, TelePharm, an app that allows pharmacists and patients to connect online, anytime, anywhere. They also just closed a $2.5M Series A. Welcome to the family!

Pop quiz, hotshot! What’s your digital health IQ?


Rock Weekly: Do health apps need government oversight?

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Rock Weekly

August 4, 2014

Since you’re a Rock Weekly subscriber, you’re likely all too familiar with that five letter acronym, HIPAA. Today we’re announcing two new portfolio companies that make HIPAA compliance easy-peezy. Learn more about Accountable and Aptible here.

Also, today we are proud to announce that portfolio company Kurbo Health picked up $5.8M and launched its mobile app to tackle the childhood obesity epidemic.

Rock Weekly: A desperate town hands over its DNA

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Rock Weekly

July 28, 2014

As if the government’s complete lack of decisiveness over the legality of Obamacare subsidies wasn’t enough, Google also seems to be doing some flip flopping of their own. It looks like they’re super into health after all, embarking on an ambitious and aptly named science project, Baseline, in an attempt to define the health of the human body. The search titan already knows everything about your movie habits, wish lists, and pregnancy status, and the FTC doesn’t want them (or anyone else) gathering your health data. (Unfortunately, it’s too late for this town.)