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Digital Health Funding 2015 Midyear Report

A review of the what drove digital health funding to $2.1B only halfway through 2015. Includes details on the deals, companies, investors, and geographies driving funding. The report also covers merger and acquisition (M&A) activity, IPOs, and public market performance of digital health companies.

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Digital Health Funding 2014 Year in Review

An in-depth look at the investors, companies, and trends that drove digital health to a record-breaking $4.1B in venture funding in 2014. The report also covers M&A activity, the most active investors in the space, a look at the public markets, a breakdown of deals by stage, and geographic distribution of funding, among other topics.

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2014 Midyear Update

A record-breaking year for digital health funding comes six months early this year. A look at the deals, companies, investors that drove funding to a record $2.3B, in addition to highlights of exits and the public markets.

Rock Report 2013 Funding Year in Review
2013 Year in Review

A summary of the companies, investors and themes that drove digital health funding to a record $1.97B in 2013. Also covering crowdfunding and exit activity.

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2013 Midyear Update

A review of venture capital funding of digital health companies in 2013, totaling $849M through June (Q2). This report covers the major companies, investors and trends in digital health that are emerging in 2013.

FDA 101
FDA 101

Covers the current scope of regulatory oversight, device classification, and premarket requirements for digital health companies creating regulated products

Hospital Partnerships
Hospital Partnerships

A living document and initial guide for entrepreneurs as they navigate partnering with health providers, initially compiled after 22 interviews with entrepreneurs, hospital administrators, investors, lawyers, clinicians and researchers

Business Models
Business Models in Digital Health

Contrasting B2B and B2C business models in digital health, with a deeper look at funding for both models, potential opportunities and investor perspectives

State of Women in Healthcare: 2015

This report on the State of Women in Healthcare explores why gender diversity matters in the workplace and what women and organizations can do to change the status quo. The report is based on a survey of over 400 women across the healthcare sector, including entrepreneurs, investors, industry executives, and healthcare professionals.

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The Future Of Personalized Health Care: Predictive Analytics

How can we use new and existing sources of data to deliver better, personalized care? Dozens of new digital products have hit the market and $1.9B has flowed into the space since 2011—but what does it take for an algorithm to accurately and reliably impact care?

The Future of Biosensing Wearables

A look at the current landscape and future of biosensing wearables, including how businesses will be reshaped as Apple and Samsung enter digital health.

XX in Health Report State of Women in Healthcare 2013
Women in Healthcare

The data surrounding inequality in leadership with results from our latest survey of female leaders in healthcare—updated for 2013.

Big Data
Big Data in Digital Health

A look at the key trends and challenges in applying Big Data to transform healthcare by supporting research, self care, providers and building ecosystems

Taking Health Personally
Taking Health Personally

Overview of personalization in healthcare, including opportunities, barriers and case studies related to a market estimated to reach $450B+ by 2015

Connected Health Sensors

A review of the health sensor market estimated at 400M devices and worth $4B by 2014, including 36 companies offering devices across the wellness, chronic, diagnostic and monitoring markets

Fitness Technology Athletes
Fitness Technology for Athletes

Point of view on how apps and sensors are transforming fitness and athletics, from the perspective of experts, including Olympians, coaches and entrepreneurs

Smart Seating
Smart Seating

Exploration of opportunities at the intersection of automotive and healthcare, utilizing advances in car technology and incorporation of biosensors

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