The 10 Most Beloved CEOs in Digital Health


It’s no secret that a company’s vision and culture stem from the top. Without the right leader at the helm, even the best ideas fail to gain traction. Sometimes this leadership takes the form of a benevolent chieftain (Richard Branson); and other times s/he is a ruthless perfectionist (Steve Jobs).

So with the deluge of growing digital health companies, we wanted to know which CEOs had the most respect from their teams. According to Glassdoor, an online jobs and careers community where employees rate CEOs, Evolent Health’s Frank Williams took first place with a 98% approval rate, followed by Castlight’s Giovanni Colella (95%) and Fitbit’s James Park (94%).

The distinguishing characteristic apparent in employee testimonials is that good CEOs hire well: nearly all the positive testimonials pointed to smart, supportive co-workers as a “pro” (followed only by ping pong tables).

Dive into the full list of CEOs:

Company CEO Approval Employee Testimonial
Evolent Health Frank Williams


“…the leadership is putting a lot of energy into fostering company culture to sustain an environment that employees will want to stay in for a long time.”
Castlight Health Giovanni Colella


“Supportive and smart team, incredible vision, unlike any other place I have worked!”
Fitbit James Park


“It’s obvious as soon as you walk in the door how passionate everyone is about working at Fitbit.”
Athenahealth Jonathan Bush


“Work is very interesting and there is no room for boredom.”
Veeva Systems Peter Gassner


“Decisions are based on quantitative evidence, direct customer feedback, and trusted experience—just how a company should be run; the customer really is first here.”
Theranos Elizabeth Holmes


“The best part is the abundance of brilliant colleagues that surround you.”
Epic Judy Faulkner


“Epic gives you lots of opportunities to grow up and be a contributing member of society.”
HealthTap Ron Gutman


“Ron Gutman the CEO is a real leader. He will take the company public, and make it a huge global force.”
ZocDoc Cyrus Massoumi


“The company truly cares about its employees, and is truly passionate about their mission.”
Practice Fusion Ryan Howard


“Tons and tons of insanely bright people work here, and they really put their heart into the product.”

* Ratings as of 10/7/2014; we only looked at digital health companies with 20+ reviews


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