11 reasons we can’t wait for Rock Health Summit

Every year we’re honored to have a diverse group of incredible people across healthcare and technology who descend on Rock Health Summit to discuss the state of digital health and uncover what’s possible. With the event only two weeks away, we wanted to share 11 insights from leaders in digital health and tech who will be joining us this year.

  1. "Only people who do not understand the value of data would sign it away."
    Susannah Fox, CTO, Health and Human Services
  2. Evolutionary is revolutionary in healthcare.
    Ann Lamont, Managing Partner, Oak HC/FT & Oak Investment Partners
  3. "I suppose if there's a set of genes I have, it's detesting authority."
    J. Craig Venter, Co-founder & CEO, Human Longevity Inc
  4. Passion and interest are essential. You don’t necessarily need content expertise and knowledge to start a business or build a product. You need enthusiasm to learn what you need to know.
    James Park, Co-founder, CEO & Chairman, Fitbit
  5. Really make a mark. Thinking big, going big—women should do more audacious things.
    Mary Spio, Founder & President, Next Galaxy
  6. I'd rather build targeted, personalized solutions that focus on outcomes vs. something for millions of users with unknown results."
    Alejandro Foung, Co-founder & CEO, Lantern
  7. "That is what I hope becomes a game changer: that methodology that you could think of software in this way as a therapeutic, and then go about validating it in a very careful manner."
    Adam Gazzaley, Director, Gazzaley Cognitive Neuroscience Lab UCSF
  8. It’s no secret that the best ideas—the ones with the most impact and longevity—are transferable; an innovation in one industry can be exported to transform another.
    Thomas Goetz, Co-founder & CEO, Iodine
  9. You might as well just swing the bat on something crazy, big, and audacious.
    Chamath Palihapitiya, Founder & Managing Partner, The Social+Capital Partnership
  10. There is no greater insult than “You’ve created an elegant solution to an irrelevant problem.
    DJ Patil, Chief Data Scientist, White House Office of Science & Technology Policy
  11. Ultimately the only thing that really matters is if you’ve built something that people love.
    Amy Sheng, Co-founder, CellScope

See you on September 29 and 30th!