11 truths of digital health

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Ever wish you could pick the brains of the leading thinkers in digital health? Now you can. In anticipation of Health Innovation Summit in just a month, we’re sharing 11 top defining statements in digital health—(which also happen to have been made at past HISUMs). Visionaries including Lean Startup evangelist Steve Blank and Bill and Melinda Gates CEO and former UCSF Chancellor Dr. Susan Desmond-Hellmann revealed insights about their experience in the health space and areas ripe for innovation. Want a sneak peek of what’s in store for this year? Check out all the full video lineup from 2013 here

  1. “The single most broken thing in healthcare is communication.”
    Vocera CMO Dr. Bridget Duffy, MD on The Future of Delivery
  2. “The healthcare industry missed the PC revolution, it missed the internet revolution, and it can’t afford to miss the mobility and cloud revolution.
    Former Apple CEO John Sculley at HISUM 2013 Keynote
  3. “As healthcare innovators in this room, we know that changing the system is a slog. We’re fighting an uphill battle sometimes. But we will all face healthcare crises in our lives. And when we do, I would encourage everyone to harness those opportunities to remind us why we’re in healthcare innovation to begin with.”
    Wildflower Co-founder and CEO Leah Sparks on How My Healthcare Experience Inspired My Company
  4. “Machine learning makes a much better doctor than Dr. House.”
    Khosla Ventures founder Vinod Khosla at HISUM 2012 Keynote
  5. “Healthcare’s a fascinating market. It’s the only area where you wake up every day and you feel like you’re doing something for millions of people.
    Castlight Health Founder & CEO Giovanni Colella on Beyond the First Adopters: Digital Health at Scale
  6. “For the first time in history, patients are now walking around with all the computing power they need to be continually contributing their data towards research for their own cure. It’s hugely empowering.”
    Chronology Founder & CEO Sean Ahrens on How My Healthcare Experience Inspired My Company
  7. “It’s not that [physicians] aren’t used to technology—it’s that we’re overwhelmed with it.”
    UCSF surgeon and thoracic oncologist Dr. Pierre Theodore, MD on Okay Glass, Let’s Disrupt Healthcare
  8. “It really annoys me that when I get on Amazon.com, they know what I want to buy before I buy it, and yet when I go to my caregiver, who is awesome, she knows almost nothing about me unless it’s written on some piece of paper that someone filled out.”
    Former UCSF Chancellor Dr. Susan Desmond-Hellmann, MD, MPH at HISUM 2013 Keynote
  9. “You have a doctor who costs half a million a year spending a quarter of their day doing coding, reimbursement, note-taking—that’s not why they went to medical school and that’s not a good use of time.”
    Augmedix Co-founder & CEO Ian Shakil on Okay Glass, Let’s Disrupt Healthcare
  10. “Unless you’re getting escorted out of a hospital, you’re not doing it hard enough.”
    Lean Startup Evangelist Steve Blank at HISUM 2013 Keynote
  11. Small data is the data about you. Big data helps you understand what the small data means. They’re complementary and necessary. Simply having a lot of big data doesn’t get you very far.”
    Angel Investor Esther Dyson at HISUM 2013 Keynote

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