3 Can’t Miss Workshops for Health Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Once again we’re stepping into spring with more exciting programming in health entrepreneurship.  Our Rock Health Skillshare series is open to the public and provides a unique opportunity to get an in-depth look at critical issues in health innovation, as well as a peek at Rock Health HQ in Chinatown (Dim sum anyone?).  Classes generally range from $25-$30 and we provide snacks, refreshments, and ample opportunity for networking afterward.  Our teachers have extensive real-world domain expertise that they are enthusiastic about sharing with others.  Upcoming classes include:

  • The Affordable Care Act for Dummies, May 1st:  Some of the most common questions we field from entrepreneurs relate to how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act could affect their business.  Taught by our very own Malay Gandhi, this class will provide an overview of legislation passed in March 2010 and implementation to date, as well as upcoming changes.  Prior to joining Rock Health as Chief Strategy Officer, Malay was a management consultant with Deloitte Consulting, where he advised numerous U.S. payers and global pharmaceutical companies on a range of issues, including healthcare reform.  2,000+ pages of legislation has never been this fun.
  • Introduction to the Science and Business of Genomics, May 22nd: A serial entrepreneur who also happens to be a molecular biologist, Elad Gil will lead this class covering the basic science of genomics as well as the potential opportunities for software businesses in the space.  This is your chance to learn from a seasoned and knowledgable entrepreneur (see Gil’s exceptional blog if you don’t believe us) about one of the most exciting and rapidly developing areas of healthcare technology.  Don’t miss it.
  • Term Sheets Simplified, May 29th: A term sheet is the first written down commitment between an investor and entrepreneur.  Taught by Mahendra Ramsinghani, author of The Business of Venture Capital, this course will help you understand the context and spirit of the term sheet.  Approach negotiations with a better sense of what you should prioritize or pass on.