4 SXSW Panels You Should Vote For

SXSW Interactive 2014

It’s that time of year! Public voting for SXSW Interactive 2014 is now open, and the competition for panel slots is fiercer than ever. We took this year’s event by storm and we’re excited to have digital health represented in an even bigger way next year! Help healthcare make headlines by bringing these four all-star panels to Austin.

Make It Rain: The New Healthcare Funding Landscape

Digital Health is a burgeoning space, with relatively few prolific angel and venture investors, but entrepreneurs are getting creative about finding capital. This presentation will dissect the funding options for various healthcare entrepreneurs at any stage to help them navigate and get in front of the right one for them. Through each option presented, attendees will understand the challenges that innovative healthcare start-ups face, and the tools to overcome them. Featured Panelists: Andrew Farquharson (VentureHealth), Halle Tecco (Rock Health), Amy Lesnick (Indiegogo)

Creating An Iconic Brand In Digital Health

Nearly every part of our daily lives is touched by an iconic internet or mobile company, yet healthcare lacks the same types of companies. This is illogical, since healthcare is just as innate as social connections and significantly more impactful than transportation or delivery. This panel will focus on why there has been a lack of notable consumer companies in digital health, the pathway to building a great consumer health company, and the companies most likely to become the new icons. Featured Panelists: Alejandro Foung (ThriveOn), Malay Gandhi (Rock Health), Maria Ly (Skimble), Neil Thanedar (LabDoor)

How Crowdsourcing Is Saving Your Life

This panel will discuss ways in which crowdsourcing has been used to change the landscape of healthcare in the United States. Audience members will learn how the Affordable Care Act has opened the door for new health tech companies and just how big the opportunity is to provide technology solutions. Panelists will also discuss how they are utilizing data compiled from crowds to shape their product offering and change the way we approach our health. Featured Panelists: Christopher DeNoia (Amplify Health), Ariana Vargas (Give Forward), Eric Peacock (MyHealthTeams), Brandon Arbiter (FreshDirect)

Radical Healthcare

A handful of issues (like the cost of one’s final year of life) account for the majority of total healthcare spending in the US. Any serious attempts to reform healthcare must begin here. This panel attempts to catalyze interest in solving these mega-problems in modern healthcare by bringing together world-experts in healthcare practice, technology, and policy to share their wisdom and foment action. Featured Panelists: Jeff Engler (Podimetrics), Elli Kaplan (Neurotrack), Azalea Kim (True North Healthcare), Halle Tecco (Rock Health)

Like what you see? Vote for our panels so we can come back to SXSW with our great swag. Head over to the PanelPicker 2014 to vote now! Voting closes September 6. 

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