Adapting to Consumerism in Healthcare: Helix’s Robin Thurston and Validic’s Drew Schiller

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The age-old power dynamics in healthcare are quickly shifting—away from providers as the primary touch point for care and toward tech-, and consumer-empowered decision-making. In a world where personal data is king and consumers expect things to be free—and are also expected to take on a larger burden of their healthcare costs, healthcare companies have a lot to adapt to.

Two entrepreneurs—one leading a first of its kind marketplace for consumer genomics and another organizing all of this data from the wild and bringing it back into the four walls of the health system—share their insights about navigating this shift, engaging healthcare stakeholders, and putting the patient or consumer at the center of it all.

With Helix CEO Robin Thurston and Validic Co-Founder & CEO Drew Schiller
Interviewed by Ashlee Adams, Rock Health

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