The companies we backed in 2015

Happy holidays from Rock Health!

It was a busy year for our investment team,
As we grew the portfolio by a hefty 13

We looked at thousands of deals, but only a few were a match
Like Chrono Therapeutics, the first smart smoking cessation patch

Honor which helps seniors stay in their houses 
And Collective’s health insurance solutions for employees and spouses

We backed deals on the East Coast, which we’re doing more often
Like Caeden in Manhattan and Arsenal in Boston

We invested in 1DocWay in March and much to our surprise,
They were acquired in November. What a quick ROI!

And then we invested in a few of our own,
like Omada which prevents chronic disease right from your phone

Aptible, Benchling, Doctor on Demand, and Evidation, too
Because they all are growing their gross revenues

We had a few stealthy deals which we cannot disclose,
But keep an eye on our website for some shiny new logos

Wishing you all the best in 2016,
May the new year be both healthy and green!