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Applications for startups to join Rock Health are now open!  Read over our FAQ, and apply here.  Still have questions? Email us, and we’ll try to get back to you right away.


The Rock Health Fund is ready to launch
April 1, 2011 San Jose Mercury News

Frustrated by the many problems besetting health care, a number of big-name techies on Friday announced the opening of a tech incubator aimed at bringing the developer mentality to bear on the industry.

New Startup Incubator Focuses on Innovation in Health Sector
April 1, 2011

New startup catalyst Rock Health however, feels that the health sector is lagging behind other industries when it comes to tech-related creativity, and is hoping to set things straight.

Entrepreneurs: It’s time to rock health care
April 1, 2011  Startup America Partnership Blog

Despite having the most expensive health system in the world, it underperforms. Read more