Announcing our partnership with DaVita

Rock Health is immensely grateful for the support and insight of our incredible industry partners, and today we are especially honored to announce the latest addition to the family—DaVita.

Throughout its history as the leading independent provider of integrated health and kidney care services in the US, DaVita has remained at the forefront of innovation in patient care. With nearly two million patients and 15,000 affiliated physicians around the world, DaVita’s reach and reputation as an industry-leading provider make this partnership particularly exciting for the Rock Health community.

DaVita will be a valuable resource for our entrepreneurs as they strive to improve care management across the board. This partnership reinforces the company’s commitment to human-centered healthcare—a vision we both share. As 2016 winds down, we’re already looking forward to the work to be done with DaVita in the new year and beyond. We can’t wait to get started.

DaVita and Rock Health want to make the patient experience massively better. Interested in joining us? Tell us about your company.