Announcing our partnership with Novo Nordisk

Tomorrow, we kick off our seventh Rock Health Summit, which we fondly consider to be our annual family reunion—a gathering of 650+ familiar and new faces under one roof to engage, connect, and explore what’s next for healthcare. This year, we have even more to be excited about as we announce a partnership with Novo Nordisk. As one of the newest members of the Rock Health family, Novo Nordisk joins our incredible group of corporate partners who strive to work with early stage digital health companies in their efforts to create meaningful health solutions.

An estimated 30M Americans are now living with diabetes—and over 84M are considered prediabetic. Novo Nordisk is focused on helping develop new technologies that improve productivity, quality of life, adherence, and outcomes for people living with diabetes and other chronic diseases. The company is currently finding ways to seamlessly join its insulin pens with technologies people are already using, like mobile phones, blood glucose meters, continuous blood glucose measurement systems, and other smart devices. Over 28M patients worldwide use Novo Nordisk’s diabetes products—and the company’s unwavering commitment to those patient lives is the driving force behind its work in digital health.

A longtime pioneer in diabetes care, Novo Nordisk continues to lead by example by joining forces with organizations to push the pace of digital health innovation. “We are pooling resources and expertise with diverse partners, such as Rock Health, to leverage trends and insights to improve the understanding of patient behavior—which includes validating new disease and lifestyle management approaches,” Jonas Thinggaard, Associate Director for Digital Health at Novo Nordisk in the US recently told us. “Our intention is to build a new framework for digital health to support a continuum of care—including medicines, devices, monitoring, and behavior support—which should ultimately lead to a better quality of life for the patients we serve.”

With nearly a century of innovation and experience in diabetes care under its belt, Novo Nordisk is primed to deliver tremendous impact on patient lives through new technologies. We couldn’t be more excited to work alongside them on this journey.

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