Announcing the winners of the Top 50 in Digital Health

Each year fifty of the leading entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, reporters, and providers dedicated to bringing technological advancements to healthcare are recognized at the Top 50 in Digital Health Dinner hosted by Rock Health, Fenwick & West, and Goldman Sachs.

Within the Top 50, a number of individuals and organizations are awarded through public nominations and votes from the digital health community for making exceptional progress in driving resources, attention, and innovation toward a massively better healthcare system. From writing healthcare policy to steering corporate acquisitions to moving technology from the bench to the bedside, we want to honor the people and organizations making digital health thrive. We’re proud to announce the winners of the Top 50 in Digital Health.

Disruptive Founder of the Year

David Ebersman, Co-founder and CEO, Lyra Health

David Ebersman, Founder and CEO of Lyra Health, is a healthcare and technology veteran. He was previously the CFO of Facebook for five years through 2014. Before Facebook, he served a long tenure at Genentech including positions as CFO and as VP, Product Development. Combining his passions, he started Lyra Health in 2015 to help transform behavioral health care.

Reporter of the Year

Christina Farr

As one of the longest-tenured digital health reporters, Christina Farr regularly breaks industry news, and has written for KQED, USA Today, Mashable, the Telegraph, Reuters, and the New York Times.

Most Tech-Friendly Doc

Dr. Leslie Saxon, USC

Dr. Saxon is a practicing physician and the founder of USC’s Center for Body Computing. She uses state-of-the-art devices and wearable technologies to care for patients with arrhythmias, and for the diagnosis and prevention of heart conditions.

Biggest Digital Health Evangelist

Daniel Kraft

Daniel Kraft is a physician-scientist, inventor and innovator. From founding and chairing one of the premier healthcare conferences, to advising established players, mentoring startups to speaking about digital health globally, Dr. Kraft has become a go-to thought leader for our industry.

Biggest DC Champion

Susannah Fox, CTO, HHS

As CTO of HHS, Susannah Fox is spearheading projects to get entrepreneurs embedded in government innovation and improve access to medical records through the Blue Button Initiative. She is using her wealth of knowledge on technology trends to help shape government healthcare initiatives and policy.

Most Beloved CEO

Owen Tripp, Co-founder and CEO, Grand Rounds

Owen Tripp‘s status as most beloved CEO is evidenced by a 100% approval rating on Glassdoor, and through the testimonials from employees that cite Owen’s commitment to hiring and supporting great talent. In their own words: “Grand Rounds feels like home to all of us.”

Angel of the Year

John Noonan, Founder, LifeForce Capital

Through his deep network and exceptional commitment to supporting digital health companies, John attracts founders and co-investors across the US. His 2015 investments include Akido, Aspire Health, Advantia, Eko, Grand Rounds, HeartFlow, Joyable, Tal Medical, Tiny Rx, Verge Genomics and Vital Labs.

Best New Startup


Amino launched in October to create the clearest picture of American health care and help people made confident health care decisions. To do this, they have amassed a patient de-identified database that currently includes nearly every practicing doctor in America, 3.9 billion health care interactions, and 188 million Americans.

Best Digital Health Company to Work For

Health Catalyst

Through initiatives like their formal employee mentoring program, and weekly innovation time, Health Catalyst places significant trust in team members, encouraging them to pursue innovation, work hard, offer feedback, and improve themselves, creating a company culture beloved by its employees.

Fastest Growing Company

Doctor on Demand

In just three short years, Doctor On Demand has developed a team of 1,400 credentialed physicians, a customer base of over 200 employer customers, dozens of health plans and over one million app downloads. In 2015, the company raised over $63 million in Series B, bringing the total amount raised to $86 million.

Invention of the Year

Color Genomics

Color has dropped the cost of genetic testing ​by ​10X using next generation software, big data​ ​and lab​oratory​ automation. Color launched in 2015 with an affordable genetic test that covers BRCA1, BRCA2 and 17 other genes to help individuals understand their risk for breast and ovarian cancer.

Diversity Leadership Award

Mango Health

Mango Health has made diversity a key part of the company’s culture. White males are a minority at Mango Health, comprising less than 25% of the team. And the company is equally split between women and men—even among the leadership.

Most Prolific Corporate VC

GE Ventures

GE Ventures led six digital health investments in 2015, more than any other corporate VC, including Evidation Health, Jiff, Omada Health, Digisight, Caremerge, and Apervita.

Most Prolific VC


Venrock was the most prolific VC in 2015 with seven digital health investments, including Stride Health, Jiff, Aledade, Doctor on Demand, Grand Rounds, Kyruus, and Lyra Health.

Best Performing IPO


Few digital health companies make it to IPO, and even fewer perform at the level of Fitbit. Out of the five digital health IPOs this year, Fitbit blew the others out of the water, outperforming digital health and tech IPOs and increasing 15% since its debut on the market.