December Event Digest

While you might be tempted to hibernate this winter, resist the urge, and check out some of these top notch events.  This is the first post in what will be a monthly series featuring the best events across healthcare and technology.  Got ideas? Email us.

This month–

12/6-8, Health Foo, Boston
Check out last year’s roundup of this invite-only unconference.

12/8-12/11, mHealth Summit, Washington DC
We’re here this week!  Poke us at if you want to say hi.

12/9, Lean Startup Conference, San Francisco
Upcoming in January –

1/8-9, Digital Health Summit at CES, Las Vegas
Baller event at the biggest conference in the country.  Rock Health CEO Halle Tecco will be speaking.  Stay tuned for our guide to this year’s conference.  (Check out last year’s here.)

1/20, EmTech, Singapore
CEO Halle Tecco will be giving a solo talk at Marina Bay Sands.

1/21-22, Health IT Summit, San Diego