Evoz: The Unlimited Range Baby Monitor for All

Guest blog by Rock Health member & Evoz CEO, Avishai Shoham

My company, Evoz Monitors, lets busy, active parents listen to their kids anytime, anywhere, right from their iPhone. Today we launched an open beta for our baby monitoring service.

Products like NikePlus and FitBit collect information and optimize personal wellness. We thought, why not bring this technology to the health of your baby? Earlier this year BabyCenter.com released a very interesting study about moms and their use of technology. According to that study, smartphones, in particular, are a tool that more and more moms are using to research health issues and actually track their families’ health. Tracking health aligns exactly with the more advanced capabilities that Evoz enables.

Despite huge advances in technology, baby monitors still have an extremely limited range. Evoz is an unlimited range monitor that actively contacts you when your baby cries. It also collects sleeping and crying data and curates helpful parenting content from across the web. When parents are out on date night, traveling or at work, Evoz will proactively send texts, emails or phone calls when their baby is crying. It also understands the difference between a cry and background noise. This gives mobile parents peace of mind and lets them stay connected with their baby.

In order to use Evoz, parents install Evoz on an iPhone, as well a second iOS device – an iPod Touch or an old iPhone that can be placed in the baby’s room and connected to WiFi. Parents can download the app today from the iTunes App Store.

Beta participants receive two free weeks of the premium service, including unlimited streaming from anywhere in the world, unlimited email and text alerts, data collection and an exclusive look at new features. After the two-week period, parents can subscribe to the premium service will cost $3.99-$6.99 (or still listen from anywhere for 30 minutes a day at no charge).

I am proud that Evoz brings state of the art health and wellness technology to active parents and smart babies.

We look forward to building a community of connected families in the coming months.