Getting clear about healthcare transparency: Lisa Maki & Noah Lang

Rock Health Podcast Episode 4
With PokitDok Co-Founder & CEO Lisa Maki and Stride Health Co-Founder & CEO Noah Lang.

Though medical breakthroughs continue to arrive at an ever-increasing speed, healthcare is still transitioning away from operating as a traditionally opaque, patriarchal industry—where consumers aren’t really empowered shoppers in an open marketplace and where the prices are always different.

So where are we now? What are players from around and outside healthcare doing to make this universal experience more understandable, clear—and even enjoyable? For both customers and stakeholders, is there anything innately different about healthcare that has prevented this from happening?

Two CEOs—one with a deep background in providing consumers tools to better manage and make decisions about their personal information in the digital age, and another who breaks down healthcare’s data silos to bring an interconnected experience to patients—share their take on how transparency in healthcare is taking shape and what it really means for patients and stakeholders.

Interviewed by Danielle McGuinness, Rock Health

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