Rock Health at CES and the Digital Health Summit

Side effects of CES may include digital health fever. Photo via the Washington Post & Andrew Harrer / Bloomberg News.

It’s that time of year again.  CES, the biggest trade show in the United States (the world’s biggest is the Canton Fair), starts tomorrow in Vegas.   Whether it’s the long-awaited Samsung keynote, an electronic fork, or a Scrappy Dish with a rapping CEO,  it’s gadget-mania on a whole different level.

While we can’t possibly give you the entire run down on our humble blog, we wanted to let you know where to find us.  Check out our details below.

Tuesday 1/8

3 pm: Rock Health Startup Showcase
Watch Rock Health companies as they demo at the UnitedHealth Group booth.  Directions here.

3:30 pm: New Blood – Why Senior Care and Healthcare Need an Innovation Transfusion, A Conversation with Rick Valencia & Halle Tecco (The Silver Summit at CES)
Join two leading forces altering the face of technology for boomers and seniors, as they candidly discuss the need for innovators in senior care and healthcare. Technologists are bringing their arsenal of silicon and software to help reinvent a graying industry. Find out how you can be a catalyst for change.  Session details here.

Wednesday 1/9

2:40 pm: Vitamin XX: Revolutionizing the Face of Digital Health (Digital Health Summit)
Women make 80% of healthcare decisions, yet only 4% of healthcare companies are women-run.  Join Rock Health CEO Halle Tecco as she moderates a panel discussion comprised of women leaders in healthcare.  Session details here.

4 pm: Twitter chat
Can’t be there in person? Join Halle Tecco & UnitedHealth Group for a live tweet chat.  Follow us and use hashtag #UHCCES.