healthcare boot camp recap

The speakers at healthcare boot camp jammed a foundation of healthcare information into just one day. Speakers covered the gamut — from FDA regulation to revenue models to new HHS initiatives to promote innovation.

For those who want the spark notes edition, we mined through all the tweets from the day to uncover 140-or-less character take-aways.  If those aren’t enough check out the HCBC videos (be sure to download latest version of sliver light add on).

Todd Park, Chief Technology Officer of HHS

“The most entrepreneurial experience that I’ve had is in the United States Government ( @HHSGov )” – @todd_park #hcbc @cristianliu

$3 trillion opportunity to transform health care from pay for use to pay for health+value – @todd_park #hcbc @aniv

greatest entrepreneurial opportunity since the internet is healthcare says Todd Park #hcbc #incentivechange @claykramer

“You need the manila folders to stop being holes in the wall, literally, and be atoms that flow to where the patients go!” @todd_park #hcbc @cristianliu

@ToddPark just gave the best talk about the future of health I have ever seen. Completely and totally inspiring. Just wow. Go Gov #hcbc @cwhogg

“You (the people) will save health care in America.” – Todd_Park of@HHSgov at #hcbc @emacartney

CMS 101
Joe McCannon, Senior Advisor to the Administrator for CMS

“the question isn’t whether this is possible, it’s how do we make it possible” Joe McCannon @CMSGov #hcbc @renee_berry

“it’s absolutely possible that we can improve healthcare for all, … we need your optimism and your innovation” Joe McCannon @cristianliu

It takes 17 years for evidence based research to reach 50% of providers – way too slow @CMSGov #hcbc @claykramer

The State of Health in the US
Claire Brindis, Director of the Phillip R. Lee Institute at UCSF

Dr Claire Brindis reflects that US reproductive health policy has embraced scientific evidence, on both sides of the debate #BixbySymposium @kaishui212

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” –Claire Brindis, Director of Phillip R Lee Institute at UCSF #hcbc #rockhealth @sseegal

How Doctors are Paid, Evaluated & Incentivized Panel

Melissa Welch, Head of Regional Care Management at Aetna

“We’re moving from a system of reimbursement for services to value.” – Melissa Welch of Aetna #hcbc @cristianliu

“The Problem with Wellness is it’s still not proven” says MelissaWelch of @aetna #hcbc @claykramer

Wellness is like the whole continuum of care, within itself. –MelissaWelch of @aetna #hcbc @grapealope


Neal Cohen, Interim Vice Dean of Academic Affairs at UCSF

Right: now Pay for Performance is No Pay for No Performance! Disciplinary versus incentive based. that’s a problem – Neal Cohen@UCSF #hcbc @cristianliu

Most of what’s in the medical record is frankly garbage, but written almost entirely for payment purposes. –Neal Cohen #hcbc @grapealope

There’s something wrong with the system when you spend more time documenting care than taking care of patients. –Neal Cohen #hcbc @grapealope

Sophia Chang- Program Director at CHCF

Sophia Chang: need to create dialogue between clinical need and the developer community. #hcbc is a great place for this to happen. @cristianliu

Sophia Chang – doctors datawise are flying blind. #hcbc @suneelratan

Health IT is just a way to communicate and It isn’t about “data”- Designing health care around the patient is real goal #hcbc @Cascadia

Health Reform & FDA 101
Bob Kocher, Partner at Venrock

“Cuba is above us (with #healthcare )& we ought to be able to at least keep up” @BobKocher MD & Partner @Venrock #hcbc @renee_berry

“If you don’t find a way to have your data follow you, you’re going to have a difficult time in health care” – @bobkocher, MD #hcbc @emacartney

Bob Kocher so hilariously reeled off every reason why we fear and dread the FDA that I nearly missed it when said none of it’s true. #hcbc @suneelratan

So Who’s Going to Pay?
Rowan Chapman, Partner at Mohr Davidow Ventures

Out of Pocket costs: Mostly from Dental & Professional HC services #hcbcRowan Chapman of Mohr Davidow claykramer Clay Kramer

Rowan Chapman: healthcare systems like freeway systems in SF and San Jose that don’t connect. (more like Caltrain and BART!) #hcbc grapealope Rachel Kalmar


The Future of Medicine
Daniel Kraft, Executive Director of FutureMed

Preparing for 3D organ printing… Daniel Kraft says: Medicine’s future? There’s an app for that. @nicknameware

RT @grapealope: Lab on a chip: what used to take an army of lab techs now costs $1 and can be done on a cell phone. @daniel_kraft#hcbc @claykramer

Your social network has real implications for your health. (and for helping you improve your health, e.g. @CureTogether)@daniel_kraft #hcbc @grapealope



Itching for more? you can watch the full Healthcare Boot Camp here and watch out for the full HBCB website coming soon with more content.