The disruptive potential of electronics

mc10 211We sat down with MC10 CEO Dave Icke, a speaker at our upcoming Healthcare Bootcamp, to talk about how his company tackles healthcare problems and how they’re using technology to disrupt it.

MC10 creates flexible, high-performance electronics that move with bodies and the natural world. “Healthcare uses antiquated electronics because the form-factor of electronics doesn’t mesh with the dynamic way we live — humans are not flat and rigid.” Their products range from stick-on devices that monitor hydration to wearables and body implants. Icke’s says his primary motivation at MC10 is moving faster to release products that are truly disruptive, using computing power to change the world by allowing people to do more, more easily — whether that be exercising more intelligently, protecting people in combat or preventing epilepsy symptoms. “Technology for its own sake, despite how advanced it is, is not enough,” he says.

Some of the company’s challenges lie in the nearly limitless opportunities for their technology, deciding where they can create the most impact and knowing how to allocate their energy. Icke sees future opportunities in applications such as brain implants, enabling the mapping of neurological disorders, a long-term project that requires in-depth clinical and regulatory approval in addition to strong product and scientific development. “A startup’s primary advantage is nimbleness and speed” Icke explains, “you have to be small and nimble, work at a rapid pace and meet high expectations.” MC10 stages their development to release smaller, quicker-hitting, consumer products to maintain momentum while also producing their more disruptive, long-term projects.

Want to hear more? Catch Icke at our Healthcare Bootcamp on November 16th in Boston, along with other healthcare thought leaders, including MIT Entrepreneur in Residence and Hacking Medicine Founder, Zen Chu, Josè Colluci, the Health and Wellness lead at IDEO, Ed Park, Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer at athenahealth and more. Earn you stripes and register here.


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