Healthy hackers, Einstein & sensors

Rock Weekly
November 7, 2011 

There are now 7 billion people on the planet! (You’re still our favorites.) We’re pleased to bring you the latest non-fat, organic, highly addictive Rock Weekly.

And big news for all you healthy hackers: applications for our next class close next week – November 16, to be exact.


  • Founders Fund invests in health startup showing personalized predictions of future health (TechCrunch)
  • The new Einsteins will be scientists who share (WSJ)
  • 75 Percent of nurses own smartphones or tablets (Mobi Health News)
  • It just makes sens(ors) (medGadget)
  • Drugmakers mine data for trial patients (Bloomberg)
Guy Kawasaki’s 6 Minute Pitch Advice
Getting ready for a big pitch
or demo? Here are some tips from Guy Kawasaki on how
to enchant an audience in a 6 minute pitch.
Medical Devices & FDA Classificiation
Wondering how medical devices  are regularted by the FDA? It depends on their classification determined by how much damage they can cause to a patient. Read more.