Holiday Gift Guide: Black Friday Edition

In honor of Black Friday, we dug up some great digital health gifts and threw in some special deals from our friends.  Averse to chaos?  All of these products are available online.

Gadgets galore

withingsSmart body analyzer
The latest from Withings, the smart body analyzer measures and tracks your weight, heart rate, and indoor air quality, among other metrics, and wirelessly syncs with your smartphone.  Get a smart body analyzer.



beambrushPump-up toothbrush
Trouble getting going before the workday? Need a little extra boost? Music nut?  Try the Beam Brush, a toothbrush with an embedded sensor and smartphone app that tells you if you’re brushing habits are what they should be.  It also can play a two minute song of your choice, so you can rock out to Bieber first thing.  Perfect for that kid who never wants to brush.   Buy the Beam Brush on Cyber Monday and get 40% off with discount code Rock40.  


shineA wearable wearable
Misfit Wearables has released new colors of the Shine just in time for the holidays, and is offering a special Black Friday deal at Best Buy: $20 off a Shine and wristband combo.  Get the special Black Friday deal here.




Smart spoon
Do you have a close friend or family member with tremor?  Liftware makes eating easier for people with Essential Tremor or Parkinson’s.  If you don’t know one of the millions of people affected by tremor, you can donate a spoon to someone in need through a partnership with the International Essential Tremor Foundation.  Buy or donate a smart spoon.



A healthier desk
This might not be in most people’s price range, but it definitely piqued our interest.  The Stir Kinetic desk knows your preferences and patterns and adjusts your desk accordingly.  A thermal presence sensor detects when you are at your desk and calculates caloric burn based on whether or not you are sitting or standing.  You adjust the desk up and down with a built-in touchscreen.  The desk is Wi-fi and Bluetooth equipped.  Check out video from techie blog, Engadget.  Get a Stir Kinetic fancy-pants desk.


Coaches corner
welloPersonal training online, on-demand
Wello lets you work out anytime, anywhere using your laptop’s webcam.  Any kind of trainer you want, they’ve got it– from yoga instructors to bootcamp trainers to experts in rehab.  Use discount code ‘blackfitfriday’ for $100 off any Wello membership.

fish-oilYour medicine cabinet, decoded
Fish-oil, vitamin D, B complex vitamins – many of us take supplements on a daily or weekly basis.  The supplements and nutraceuticals industry is big business, but not exactly simple for consumers (case in point: a quick search of Amazon gave me 293 results for fish oil supplements).  To help you sort through the madness, there’s LabDoor.  LabDoor tests supplements (see: analytical chemistry) to find out what’s really in them.  While they make plenty of information and reports available for free (did you know that many protein supplements cut their product with extra sodium, likely to supply bloating effects that make you think you’ve beefed up instantly? Nuts!), they also offer a premium version for $50, which lets you see the full results of all the lab testing they do (see a sample premium report here).  Get a LabDoor membership.


sessions-screenshot-1Your own online coach
If you’re looking for support in the form of personal coaching, try out Sessions.  Sessions focuses on helping you develop skills to make healthy behaviors a habit.  For $79/month, you get unlimited email and SMS support, as well as an in-depth consultation and activity assessment.  You can try out the program for free for two weeks, and if you’re not satisfied, they’ll refund your money.  Check out Sessions.

Our book picks
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