Harnessing the power of community through people, places, and purpose

Community is an essential element of the human experience. Connecting with others fosters a sense of belonging and purpose. Elements of connection may look different across demographics, but being in community with others is critical for growth and innovation. The Rock Health community is comprised of digital health leaders who are building, supporting, and scaling solutions to improve millions of lives every day.

RockHealth.org’s mission is to equip these digital health innovators with the resources, reach, and recognition needed to create equitable digital health for all. To achieve it, we’ve been intentional in identifying ways we can best support the digital health community. Fostering space for collaboration and shared learning is pivotal to furthering digital health’s impact. Through our convenings, we create space and opportunity for a broad range of ideas and solutions to be shared, and voices to be heard. In doing so, we think about how people, place, and purpose can converge to catalyze transformative impact.


Understanding the evolving needs of digital health players drives us to reimagine how we gather—and with whom. We anchor our purpose in bringing together digital health changemakers and pioneering leaders as they champion everything from caregiving, impact investing, diversity in clinical trials, culture and team building, to the role of the community healthcare worker and more.

The cornerstone of the Rock Health community are these innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, and influencers. Across the year, we bring them together to facilitate deep connections through topic-focused workshops, industry networking events, and design sessions, in addition to our flagship convenings. Gathering groups with a shared mission, like advancing outcomes for Latine populations, or a shared leadership role, like startup CEOs at the Digital Health CEO Summit, provides ecosystem leaders with opportunities to connect more deeply and authentically. We strive for these spaces to be representative and diverse to foster generative connections.


We believe it’s important to physically locate our work in regions where innovation and progress are taking place—and are increasingly thinking about ways to do this outside of the traditional centers of innovation in the U.S. As we continue to expand (and challenge) our thinking, we seek to bring broader awareness to the next generation of digital health leaders, and the places they call home. While San Francisco, New York, and Boston remain important places where the digital health community gathers, thriving cities like Tulsa, Nashville, and Atlanta have also welcomed the Rock Health community for meaningful discussions. Patient needs vary vastly across demographics, and the innovators working within these communities have acute insight into where healthcare solutions are most needed. Our goal is to collaborate more with innovation ecosystems that are addressing the needs of populations that have been historically underserved.


RockHealth.org’s convening efforts support our goal of recognizing, amplifying, and celebrating the innovators at the forefront of change. Alongside our programmatic work in responsible design and equitable investments, we collectively push to center diverse perspectives and solutions that better reach all populations. Rooting RockHealth.org’s convenings in purpose allows us to hear from leaders with unique lived experience who are driving forward needed solutions for vulnerable and underserved populations at scale. Our work in building connections, fostering relationships, and providing space to learn and share among this vibrant community propels innovation in digital health.

RockHealth.org is a non-profit that advances equity-centered innovation in digital health. We take action towards a more inclusive digital health ecosystem by championing equitable design and innovation, supporting underrepresented innovators, and fostering a community of bold leaders across the healthcare landscape. Learn more about our industry-leading convenings and equity-focused investment and design initiatives at rockhealth.org. To keep in touch with RockHealth.org and stay updated on events, sign up for our mailing list here or reach out at hello@rockhealth.org.