Spotlight on Innovations in Digital Health | 2021 is honored to amplify ten leaders who are envisioning paths to an affordable, effective, and equitable future of healthcare. These leaders include the Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation who championed the “marriage of ancient knowledge with new modern technology,” a mom and digital health founder who highlighted “a new model of pediatric behavioral healthcare so families can live happier, healthier lives,” and a double-board certified physician who urged that we “declare racism a trauma . . [and] apply evidence-based trauma approaches [to] improve whole-person health.” Pulling from diverse areas of expertise and lived experience, these leaders are addressing healthcare’s deepest needs. We are grateful to these ten individuals for sharing their visions with incredible energy, vulnerability, and candor. We are thrilled for you to hear their innovative ideas!

Nzinga Harrison: Officially Declaring Racism as a Form of Trauma

Chief Chuck Hoskin, Jr.: Bridging the Digital Health Care Divide in Indian Country

Omar Njie: Integrating Digital Health Curriculum into Physician Training

Kristina Saffran: Leveraging the Power of Lived Experience

KBJ Miller: Building Online for Better Life Offline

Andrew Le: Horizontal Agnostic Marketplace

Naomi Allen: A New Model for Pediatric Behavioral Health

Gaurang Choksi: Infrastructure for Identity Centered Care

Naheed Dosani: Dying for Data: Improving Equitable Care for People Who Experience Marginalization

Hui-wen Sato: Healing our Healthcare System