Meet the sixth group of Rock Health companies

It is with much excitement and pride that we present seven of the newest Rock Health startups, who are part of a portfolio of nearly 50 active companies tackling some of the most significant problems in healthcare. Over the past five months, they have received funding and support from Rock Health and will continue to receive support throughout their lifespan. This diverse group of companies ranges from an analytics tool for the ICU to an impeccably designed dentist office on wheels.


Why no Demo Day this time? Last September, I explained on our blog that in 2014 “there won’t be general Demo Days marking the end of a term; instead, we’ll host targeted events to position your company in front of large groups of the right kinds of people (customers, investors, payers, doctors, or CIOs.) every few months.”

Tomorrow marks our first of such showcases — this time exclusively for health plans and large employers.  The event will feature 11 Rock Health companies (from various classes) and attendees who represent 2/3s of all insured Americans. We think this more focused event will be more productive for everyone.

Regardless, we didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to share this latest batch of companies with the world. We continue to be delighted and humbled by the talented founders who chose to join the Rock Health family.

Learn more about the startups working at the forefront of digital health.

  • Ambient Clinical Analytics uses big data and analytics to enable better decisions in the ICU and emergency room.
  • Doctor on Demand allows anyone to have a video consultation with a licensed US physician anytime and anywhere—all you need is a front facing camera.
  • Factor 14 is a hardware and software platform to help healthcare providers manage the four million patients on oral anticoagulants.
  • Health Equity Labs is developing a FICO® score for health. While still in stealth mode, we can say they’re hiring.
  • Kurbo Health makes intelligent mobile apps for children and their families to help them lose weight and live healthier lives. Kurbo licenses the renown children’s weight control program from Stanford University that has an 80% success rate.
  • Stride Health is the first health insurance recommendation engine tuned and tailored to your life. Launched just in time for open enrollment, Stride enables patients to choose an insurance plan in a matter of minutes.
  • Studio Dental is the first dental office on wheels that will visit you at work. Launching in summer 2014, their impeccably designed mobile office will ensure you’re not part of the 100 million Americans who won’t go to the dentist this year.