Join the e-Patient Movement

As a precursor to the 2011 e-Patient Connections conference, a group of 30 patients, industry thought leaders, and health activists gathered to discuss the future of a healthcare system where empowered, engaged, and educated electronically-connected patients take control of their health.

Fuelled by access to the latest health and medical content online, mobile technologies to facilitate access and control, and the ability to engage with other patients on a global scale, these e-patients are rapidly becoming an integrated part of the health and treatment continuum and refuse to sit quietly as bystanders waiting for instructions from the medical and health professionals around them.

After a half-day of brainstorming, the group put out a framework for the first draft of the E-Patient Bill of Rights:

  • Shared access to my data
  • Attitude of collaboration and overall respect
  • The patient is the largest stakeholder
  • Transparency and authenticity across all areas
  • Voice of the patient is a legitimate (clinical) source
  • The right to efficient communication with providers who utilize the technology that we need

To learn more about this project and to get involved, visit or attend an informational webinar on October 11 at 4pm EST. Registration for the webinar is available at