Learn from the best in digital health: Startup Elements

We caught up with leading founders in digital health to tap their insider expertise on everything you need to know about building a company in healthcare—from recruiting top talent and building a company on human-centered design principles to hospital sales and putting your customers first. Here are the four newest installments in our Startup Elements series:

23andMe cofounder and CEO Anne Wojcicki discusses how her team built a leading genomics company by putting the customer first.

“We do a lot of things that are antithetical to making profits in healthcare. We’re focused on making sure it’s in the right interest of the customer.” (Share)
“One of the things that’s lacking in the Valley is a network of people who understand the regulatory environment.” (Share)

Sean Duffy, cofounder and CEO of Rock Health portfolio company Omada Health discusses how the company shapes their internal and external practices around human-centered design principles.

“The experience of your employees should be as thoughtful as the experience you’re creating for your users.” (Share)

Kevin MacDonald, cofounder and CEO of Rock Health portfolio company Kit Check shares his expert tips on how to sell to your first hospital customer—and your 300th.

“Cold calling is not the sexiest of things—but it’s how we secured our first of 150 hospital customers.” (Share)

Grand Rounds cofounder and CEO Owen Tripp shares his tips for recruiting dedicated employees and world-class physicians to a healthcare company.

“We should be building the things we want to tell our grandkids about.” (Share)