Making any medicine precision medicine: Welcome, InsightRX!

Precision medicine has long promised a world of safer, more effective, and less costly medical treatments. Delivering on this promise requires identifying not only the right drug for the right patient, but also the right dose at the right time. And a failure to administer the “right,” personalized dose based on a wide range of factors unique to each patient can yield adverse drug events, poor patient outcomes, and increased healthcare costs.

That’s why today we’re proud to announce our participation in InsightRX’s $10M Series A funding round, which will support their mission to individualize drug treatment at the point of care.

InsightRX makes precision drug dosing simple. Its predictive platform does the heavy lifting behind the scenes, using quantitative pharmacology and machine learning to provide a unique picture of each patient’s individual response to drug treatment. In the near-term, this personalization translates to better patient outcomes by allowing clinicians to deliver more precise treatments with reduced side effects. Looking ahead, InsightRX will also play a key role in bringing life-saving drugs to market more quickly by integrating precision dosing into the drug development process.

A Solution for Providers
Complex drugs can in some cases vary widely in effectiveness for different patients. InsightRX’s EHR-integrated, cloud-based platform gives clinicians a comprehensive patient profile and enables them to tailor treatment decisions at the point of care. Without disrupting their workflow, clinicians can use InsightRX to answer critical questions when it matters most, such as:

  • What is the optimal dose for my patient?
  • How frequently should this patient be given a dose?
  • How soon will the intended pharmacological effect start?

InsightRX today supports precision dosing in over 50 therapeutic areas, ranging from oncology to infectious diseases. Through the ongoing collection of real-world treatment data combined with InsightRX’s human-assisted AI framework, dosing algorithms can be refined and improved. InsightRX also provides hospitals and care teams with aggregated analytics that enables them to better manage patients—both individually and at a patient population level.

InsightRX’s precision dosing platform seamlessly integrates with EHRs and enables clinicians to individualize drug dosing regimens at the point of care.

Partnerships with Biopharma
The majority of clinical trials today are fixed—that is, the trial design is established up front with a set (and typically large) target number and profile for patient recruitment. InsightRX enables biopharma companies to run smaller, more efficient “adaptive” clinical trials, in which trial investigators adjust the study over the course of the trial itself. The Insight RX platform, using underlying Bayesian machine learning frameworks, helps companies more quickly learn about patient drug response profiles and alter the study design or dosing where appropriate. Adaptive frameworks have the potential to lower the cost and increase the success rate of clinical trials—which translates to safer, more effective drugs for patients.

InsightRX has also partnered with leading biopharma players to develop novel, drug-specific companion applications for use in clinical trials. These companion applications are cloud-based software modules that augment the drug in question with precision dosing to maximize its effectiveness. Including InsightRX in the drug label in this way has the potential to accelerate the adoption of precision dosing on a global scale.

Since launching the platform in January 2018, InsightRX has been used on 18K+ patients and generated 106K+ dose recommendations. The platform not only individualizes dosing at the point of care, but it also establishes a data-driven framework to continuously learn about treatment effectiveness and the underlying factors influencing drug response.

We believe the future of healthcare relies on individualizing therapy to improve patient outcomes—and that better predictive tools can save lives. We’re thrilled to support Sirj Goswami, Ron Keizer, Ranvir Mangat, and the entire InsightRX team on their journey to make precision dosing a standard of care. Welcome to the Rock Health family, InsightRX!

Want to join InsightRX? They’re hiring across engineering, data science, and sales.