Meet the future of digital health


We’re one month into our first Summer in Digital Health program and can’t wait any longer to introduce you to the stellar group of interns who spend their days working on various projects for our portfolio companies, and their down time attending Rock Health roundtables, social events, and weekly founder breakfasts. Meet the interns!

Naveed Ahmad is a Data Analyst Intern and is thrilled to be working at Augmedix, one of Google’s first “Glass at Work” partners!

Alysha Swaim Aziz is a Health Coach Operations Intern at Omada Health and comes to the team as a former Fulbright scholar with a background in public health research.

Julie Suzanne Barmeyer is a student at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and joins ThriveOn as an MBA Intern.

Danielle Brewington is a med student at UPenn using her internship experience at AgileMD to find the intersection of technology and healthcare that helps improve the lives of both patients and providers.

Daniel Carpenter brings his expertise from The Ohio State University to Omada Health as an Engineering Intern.

Kelly Cheng is a Wharton student spending her summer accelerating Augmedix’s fast growth through new partners, great talent, and improved operations as an MBA Intern.

Alex Daubert, a current Kellogg student, is spending the summer at Genentech as an MBA Intern in the Commercial Partnering Group—he also has an identical twin!

Taylor DeRosa is Kinsights’ “kintern,” and a rising junior at Brown University where she saw Emma Watson graduate a few months ago!

Lauren DeVos joins us here at Rock Health as our Strategy Fellow. She begins her MBA/MPH program at Haas this fall, and is a vegetarian Iron Chef.

Amrita Doshi is an intern at ThriveOn who, when not revolutionizing mental healthcare, is committed to finding the best meditation spot in the city by the end of the summer.

Samantha Greenberg is a Kellogg student and Skimble’s Business Development and Marketing MBA Intern; she also used to be a gymnast!

Jes Jarvis is an MBA Marketing Intern with Omada Health and a current Haas student who enjoys savoring slowness yet working in quick-moving environments.

Aaron Jen is a Medical Content Developer Intern at AgileMD with degrees from Johns Hopkins and UCLA who likes to produce music in his spare time!

Mehr Kashyap works as an Augmedix Data Analyst Intern. He spent a large part of his childhood growing up in India but currently lives in upstate New York attending University of Rochester.

Sehj Kashyap is a Medical Student Intern with Stride Health who, astonishingly, moved between countries sixteen times before he was fourteen years old.

Angela LaScala-Gruenewald, soccerhead and recent graduate of the University of Chicago joins Stride Health this summer.

Nicole Laszlo, a high school student, is one of our youngest interns this summer and joins Kurbo Health as a Social Media Intern.

Kenny Lee, a Medical Content Developer Intern with AgileMD, is a rising pre-med junior at Northwestern studying economics.

Michelle Lee joins Sano Intelligence, where she may or may not get to drive the iPhone-controlled go-kart she built at this year’s Maker Faire.

Sue Li is also a Medical Content Developer Intern at AgileMD. She’s passionate about reproductive health and health education and will be attending medical school in August at Mt. Sinai.

Jaja Liao joins Kurbo Health from Yale.

Anna Liu is a recent Duke alum and is working as Rock Health’s Venture Fellow. She knows her way around a pitch deck, but don’t get her started on email.

Joanna Naymark is also at Rock Health this summer as a Business Development Intern with degrees from UCLA and Keck Graduate Institute (she also raced a Ferrari F430, which makes her the coolest person in the office).

Natalie Niadj joins Augmedix as their Legal Intern.

Sam Peinado, former child actor, is Omada Health’s Growth Hacking Intern.

Cassie Peretore has been to six of the seven continents and is spending this summer as ThriveOn’s Marketing Intern.

Rob Resma is Skimble’s Mobile Engineering Intern who also enjoys rock climbing, music festivals, and performing in light shows.

Ron Rosenberg, a Mechanical Engineering Intern and MIT graduate who is happiest underwater, brings his expertise to Sano Intelligence this summer.

Janvi Shah supports our events here at Rock Health as a Program Fellow. She’s a Duke student who previously worked with Social Entrepreneur Corps in Nicaragua to expand access to health and solar energy products.

Sarah Strober, another standout high schooler is Kurbo Health’s second Social Media Intern.

Landon Sturgeon is a recent University of Idaho graduate and Sano Intelligence’s Sensor Development Intern and he’s thrilled to be working with health devices!

Himal Suthar is Kurbo Health’s Data Analyst Intern. His name is pronounced like Himalaya without the ‘aya,’ although he’s never been to the Himalayas.

Lisa Vermillion, Stanford Business School student and salsa-dancing aficionado, is working as an Operations Intern at Omada Health this summer.

Dana Yeo, a Product Marketing Intern at Augmedix, prides herself on her ability to peel an orange in under fifteen seconds.

Daniel Zhang, joins Omada Health as a software engineer. When he’s not hacking away, you can find him dancing.

Lisa Zhou is a Business Development MBA Intern and current Harvard Business School Student who enjoys cooking, singing, and tae kwon do!

With an incredibly diverse backgrounds, skills, and passions, our portfolio’s interns represent the future of digital dealth. Even though it’s another foggy San Francisco summer (not that we’re complaining), the future has never looked brighter. Stay tuned for your chance to be a Summer in Digital Health intern next summer!