Meet the 2018 Top 50 in Digital Health Honorees

We’ve announced the 2019 Top 50 in Digital Health honorees. Check them out here.

Recognizing the individuals and organizations that made notable progress in digital health in 2017

Each year we convene the leading entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, reporters, and providers dedicated to bringing technological advancements to healthcare are and recognize their work from the past year at the Top 50 in Digital Health Dinner hosted by Rock Health, Fenwick & West, Goldman Sachs, and Square 1 Bank.

Within the Top 50, a number of individuals and organizations are awarded through public nominations and votes from the digital health community for making exceptional progress in driving resources, attention, and innovation toward a massively better healthcare system. From writing healthcare policy to steering corporate acquisitions to moving technology from the bench to the bedside, we want to honor the people and organizations making digital health thrive. We’re proud to announce the winners of the Top 50 in Digital Health.

Disruptive Founder of the Year

Todd Park, Devoted Health

Together with his brother Ed Park, Todd Park cofounded Devoted Health, a company on a mission to help seniors navigate the health care system with personal guides, world-class technology to enable a simplified experience, and partnerships with top providers to facilitate better health outcomes. With a leadership team comprised of renowned data scientists and technology executives, they are aiming to launch Medicare Advantage plans in 2019.

Reporter of the Year

Dan Diamond

Dan Diamond is a writer for Politico and has been credited with breaking one of the biggest news stories of 2017 regarding spending at the Department of Health and Human Services. Dan is the author of the daily newsletter, Politico Pulse, and host of the Pulse Check podcast, which features weekly conversations with some of the most interesting and influential people in health care.

Biggest Digital Health Evangelist

Lisa Suennen

Lisa Suennen is a prominent voice in digital health as the author of the Venture Valkyrie blog and co-host of the bi-weekly Tech Tonics podcast, where she interviews leaders at the forefront of healthcare and technology. She is also the Senior Managing Director of GE Venture‘s Healthcare Investment Group, a member of the UC Berkeley Haas faculty and the Founder of C-Sweetener—a non-profit dedicated to matching senior female leaders in healthcare with mentors to further their success. Lisa has spent nearly 30 years as an entrepreneur, investor, and board member in the healthcare field.

Biggest DC Champion

Andy Slavitt

Andy Slavitt has been an avid supporter of initiatives that advance technology and innovation in health care and paved the way for future innovations to help consumers and providers have access to the health information they need. As the former administrator for CMS, Andy shaped and delivered health care services that impacted millions of Americans, including the EHR Incentive Program.

Most Beloved CEO

Anne Wojcicki, 23andMe

Anne Wojcicki, with a 100% approval rating on Glassdoor, has set the bar for how to lead a fast-growing healthcare company. Employees say they feel inspired by how Wojcicki leads with a clear structure and invests in employees to promote individual growth and teamwork. She is a formidable leader with drive and inspiration that is contagious to all employees.

Angel of the Year

Paul Buchheit

Paul Buchheit’s 2017 angel investments include DocTalk, Lively, and The Mednet. Paul was also an early angel investor in drchrono, Picnic Health, and Circle Medical. As a Partner at Y Combinator, Paul supports entrepreneurs and actively promotes diversity in the tech industry.

Most Tech-Friendly Provider

Dr. Farzad Mostashari

Dr. Farzad Mostashari has spent his career at the forefront of health care policy and health information technology with the goal of empowering physicians to provide high-quality care. He is the Founder and CEO of Aledade and the former National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.

Best New Startup

Cityblock Health

Cityblock Health‘s mission is to radically improve the health of urban communities by providing qualified Medicaid and Medicare members access to high-value, readily-available personalized health services. They seek to fully integrate primary care, behavioral health, and social services into a comprehensive care model—all connected in their custom-built technology to enhance relationships between members and care teams.

Best Digital Health Company to Work For

Collective Health

Collective Health helps companies get more out of their healthcare investment while taking better care of their employees. The team is committed to creating a diverse, inclusive culture, allowing employees to grow their careers in an environment that promotes health and wellness and provides benefits such as flexible work schedules and generous family leave.

Fastest Growing Company

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds gives employees and their families the technology, information, and support they need to decide whether and where to receive medical treatment. Since 2015, Grand Rounds has expanded their presence across both coasts, grown their customer base four-fold, and reached over three million covered lives—all while iterating on a product that is driving an 85% member adherence rate and 65% change in diagnosis or treatment plan.

Invention of the Year


Zipline is addressing the needs of more than two billion people that lack adequate access to essential medical products, such as blood and vaccines, due to challenging terrain and gaps in infrastructure. They operate the world’s only drone delivery system at national scale to send urgent blood products to patients, no matter where they live.

Diversity Leadership Award

Canaan Partners

Canaan Partners believes a diverse team delivers out-of-the-box thinking, spirited debate, and superior performance. The firm stays true to those values by employing a workforce spanning industries, generations, and coasts—and showcases that commitment to diversity in their investments. The Canaan investment team is made up of 40% women and 47% immigrants or first generation Americans.

Non-Profit of the Year

Boston Children’s Hospital

Boston Children’s Hospital is the number one pediatric hospital in the nation according to U.S. News & World Report​ and is dedicated to advancing pediatric care for all children. In working toward this mission, Boston Children’s Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator (IDHA) supports clinical and research leaders as they pursue breakthrough pediatric technology—and strives to bring these innovations to patients and clinicians everywhere. In its first two years of startup acceleration, IDHA has launched four companies with venture funding in excess of $13 million.

Most Prolific VC


KPCB has backed hundreds of entrepreneurs in their quest to bring world changing ideas to market. This year, KPCB participated in five digital health deals, including Peloton, Nuna Health, and Kinsa.

Most Prolific Corporate VC

GE Ventures

GE Ventures uses its global network to invest in new ideas that will help drive better outcomes for its customers and society at large. As 2017’s most active corporate venture investor in digital health, GE Ventures contributed to several funding rounds, including investments in Arterys, Evidation Health, and Syapse.

Best Performing IPO

Tabula Rasa HealthCare

Tabula Rasa HealthCare provides at-risk healthcare organizations technology and services to optimize medication regimens with the goal of reducing hospitalizations, lowering costs, and mitigating risk. Tabula Rasa’s stock is up 140% based on YTD growth, which is the largest percent increase among public digital health companies in 2017.

On behalf of Rock Health, Fenwick & West, Goldman Sachs, and Square 1 Bank, congratulations to this year’s honorees! We are humbled to work alongside you and thank you for your contributions to digital health. Learn more about the Top 50 in Digital Health here.