Nailed. It.

We are extremely proud of the 13 teams that presented  to a packed house of 250 guests at Rock Health’s Demo Day at UCSF.  A special thanks to our emcee; the one, the only, Dr. Daniel Kraft.

Couldn’t make it? Here is what people were saying in 140 characters or less:

@frank_moss: @Rock_Health demo day at UCSF was spectacular. Super consumer health companies.

@dorkitude: If anyone was wondering if Rock Health was the real deal, it is. YC-caliber demos with human impact.

@mishachellam: I’m genuinely excited to live in the world that these @Rock_Health companies are building!
Cake Health
@Worrell Design: LOVE @cakehealth concept, business model, and absolutely gorgeous User Experience!  MINT for health spending!

Omada Health
@jschox super impressed with the presentations at @Rock_Health demo day. my favorite was Omada health. they nailed it. #rockdemo
@WorrellDesign So inspired by presentation & development process of tackling the problem of pre diabetic prevention.

@claykramer bigevidence has an editorial team to make use of uncategorized data
@endamadden #EBM may stifle innovation too RT @Rock_Health: $50B of savings can come from Demanding Medicine be 100% Evidence Based: BigEvidence

@wroush startup: @Skimble – multimedia workout coaching on iPad, iPhone, Android, Apple TV (new today) 1M+ downloads
“If you were wondering… Yes, everything is going up and to the right” –@marialy @skimble

@mpstaton:#rockdemo@genomera “n = we” is catchy!
@wroush startup: @Genomera. Platform for crowdsourced clinical trials and health studies. “From n=they to n=we”

@dorkitude The @WeSprout demo makes me want to make babies sooner
@gulatigroup: @wesprout – where were you 1.5 years ago? we could have used your parenting support services!
@adamodessky Spectacular hint to my parent friends @wesprout


@gulatigroup: @bitgym with the coolest gaming health technology around!#rockdemo
@SteveStreza Shut up and take my money,
@gulatigroup:that is totally BITCHIN’!! “@Rock_Health: @BitGym @BitGym@BitGym say it 10 times fast

@wroush: Pipette (@UsePipette), mobile monitoring after surgery to reduce complications and readmissions #rockdemo
@Medicalness@usepipette i love what you are working on, how can i help??
@claykramer @CMS not paying for ReAdmits, which makes @usePipette THE goto hospital readmit solution

@claykramer: @heartbeat helps people do more of what the love and less of what they don’t – ahem, accounting, scheduling, etc
@heartbeat says current small biz solutions are like a command and control station instead of a 1-click amazon – why?

agoldfisher Alastair Goldfisher  @Rock_Health: US is undergoing a Stress Epidemic @brainbot #rockdemo
@wroush @BrainBot, smartphone app that pairs with Neurosky brain monitor; algorithms foster focus, meditation #rockdemo


@mpstaton: @cellscope w/ a true health market disruption! Very cool application of mobile devices for home health diagnostics.
@cellscope lets parents upload images of kids ears to see if they have an ear infection or not #rockdemo
@Rock_Health startup: @CellScope, iPhone-based visual imaging at home for remote diagnosis of ear infections, skin problems


@wroush 12th @Rock_Health startup: @Crohnology. Engaging social site where people w/chronic conditions like Crohn’s can track & share data
“When I was diagnosed, I went online & found forums. 1990s-looking forums. I’m a developer, so I built @Crohnology ” –@seanahrens

@claykramer: Why is there no price transparency in dental and doctor office visits? @healthinreach is changing that #rockdemo
@wroush Wade Roush @HealthInReach, online marketplace where doctors can advertise prices, compete for patients #rockdemo
Huge thanks to all of our active Twitterers!

Oh yeah, and our afterparty was pretty awesome, too.