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Research 7/12/17

Digital Health Funding 2017 Midyear Review: A record breaking first half

Q2 2017 was a record-shattering quarter, setting digital health on course for its biggest funding year ever. In the first half of 2017, more than $3.5B was invested in 188 digital health companies—including the two largest deals on record. We were surprised to see that amid one of the most uncertain periods in healthcare history, digital health investments saw their strongest quarter yet.

Featured 6/12/17

Podcast: Gaps and opportunities in women’s health and entrepreneurship

Podcast Ep. 5: Gender parity in digital health remains a huge issue. It’s not due to lack of attention. Only 9% of companies funded in 2016 had a woman CEO—down from the already dismal 11% in 2015. How are women entrepreneurs navigating this environment and what gaps and opportunities do they see in women’s health? We spoke with two of them to find out.

Featured 5/8/17

Getting clear about healthcare transparency: Lisa Maki & Noah Lang

Podcast Ep 4: What are players from around and outside healthcare doing to make this universal experience more understandable, clear—and even enjoyable? Two CEOs share their take on how transparency in healthcare is taking shape and what it really means for patients and stakeholders.

Research 4/3/17

Q1 2017: Business as usual for digital health

When we started tracking deals in 2011, the newly enacted Affordable Care Act served as a major catalyst for market growth. We’ve only tracked digital health in an ACA-world, so we’ve been on the edge of our seats as the new administration vows to repeal this landmark reform. In Q1, we counted 71 deals totaling over $1B. Despite the tumult in Washington, it’s business as usual for digital health funding.