Where are they now? Kinsights

Calling all founders! Only three more days to submit your business plan to receive funding and support starting in January. To give you an inside scoop of what it means to be part of the Rock Health family, we checked in with Kinsights, one of Rock Health’s very first portfolio companies. Kinsights is an advice-sharing network for parents that integrates your child’s health record to further personalize your experience and connect you to parents who are dealing with similar issues. We’re lucky enough to work in the same office as this stellar team; here’s what they have to say about Rock Health, what’s new, and what snacks get them through the day.

What are you working on? Any new projects or focus areas?
We’ve put a lot of our focus on rare pediatric conditions, helping thousands of parents connect with each other, access resources, and share health information with their care team. Seeing parents, at different stages in their journey, share insights and advice with each other has been incredibly rewarding. We have 30+ groups for rare pediatric conditions, and for many of these parents, their child’s condition is so rare that they have never met another parent who is dealing with the same issues and concerns.

We also launched Kinsteps, a text messaging program that helps parents promote language development in children 0-3 years of age—it’s based on a study at UCSF that showed improvements in the home linguistic environment for children with speech or language delays.

How have things changed in the past year?
We raised money from angel investors, hired a great team, secured partnerships with non-profits and children’s hospitals, and recently opened a second office in Boston.

What’s your funniest memory since working in the Rock Health office space?
When Rock Health got a new coffee machine, we made coffee for a few people in the conference room. Unfortunately, someone took a sip right before sneezing and spit a mouthful of coffee all over our co-founder—her face, hair, and shirt were dripping. She smelled pretty bad the rest of the day.

What is your favorite team memory?
On our company anniversary, our whole team went to sing karaoke. There was way more rapping, beat boxing, and dramatic dancing than actual singing—but it was a memorable way to celebrate a great year.

We love talking snacks at Rock Health. What’s Kinsights’ favorite office snack?
Our team is constantly eating some combination of beef jerky, granola, and protein shakes.

You can join Kinsights at Rock Health. Send us your business plan by this Thursday November 20th.