Panel Picker Panoply: 6 Events You Can’t Miss for SXSW 2013

‘Tis the season…to vote on SXSW panels and presentations.  Panel picking is crowdsourced and dependent on public votes and comments (more on that here). But with the dizzying array of literally thousands of panels to chose from (last year over 4500 panels were submitted for SXSW Interactive), where should you start?  Have no fear, we’ve got your digital health SXSW Panel Picker cheat sheet, with options for every health tech interest.  Full disclosure: Many of these panels were submitted by Rock Health staff, alums, and partners-in-crime.  We hope you like them, and if you do VOTE! Voting closes August 31.

Other awesome panels from our friends:

 Excited about these or other SXSW panels or events? Leave us a comment and give us the scoop.