Podcast: 2020 Vision: A Look Ahead At Digital Health

Across the last decade, digital health has grown from a blip on the radar of investors to a robust sector receiving nearly one in ten venture dollars invested in the United States. In 2019, digital health saw six IPOs and the second-largest funding year on record with $7.4B. What will the future hold?

To provide a survey of the digital health landscape, Flare Capital Partners co-founder & Partner Michael Greeley joined Rock Health Managing Director & CEO Bill Evans in conversation with Rock Health Director of Research & Marketing Megan Zweig during JPM 2020 week in San Francisco.

How are digital health CEOs navigating the road to building a healthcare company in the current environment? We’re bringing together 120+ digital health leaders on April 28th in San Francisco at our annual Digital Health CEO Summit. Nominate a CEO to attend—or get in touch if you’d like to be involved as more than an attendee.