Where are they now? Lantern

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Have a startup? Only four more days to submit your business plan to hear back in April! We thought we’d check in with one of Rock Health’s seasoned veterans, Lantern (fka as ThriveOn). The company, which offers a mobile platform for personalized mental health management,  has gained serious momentum in recent months and was crowned winner of SXSW Accelerator in the health category just last week. We caught up with co-founders Alejandro Foung and Nicholas Letourneau who first came to Rock Health around this time last year.

What’s new on the homefront?
Lantern is now live at 30+ universities with thousands of students using it to help improve their mental health! We launched our free assessment online at SXSW two weeks ago and won first place in the health category!

How are things different from a year ago?
We have customers, active users, a live product, and a team of 7. A year ago, it was just Nick and myself trying to execute this idea.

Any amazing new hires?
Yes! We hired a core team (5 and counting) comprised of folks who build, design, and create the content for our program and product. The common thread that binds us is all having studied psychology in college and/or having been impacted personally by issues within mental health.

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to Lantern since moving to Rock Health’s new space?
Two of the office dogs got into a little turf war over who gets what side of the office. Some laps, beds, and prized sunny spots were stolen by both sides over the morning. The final blow came from the Lantern side, when Hagrid the pug decided to angry-poop in enemy territory, claiming it as his.

What’s been your favorite moment as a team?
Family trip to carmel, shopping, cooking, and embarrassingly all working out together.

Do have have any advice for startups looking to join the Rock Health portfolio?
Do it. To this day, joining Rock Health has been one the most impactful things that has happened to Lantern. Everything we’ve given back to the community of Rock Health, we’ve gotten back three fold.

If Lantern was a coffee roast, what would it be and why?
David’s Tea. Duh.

Join Lantern as a Rock Health portfolio company. Send us your pitch deck by 3/27 and we’ll get back to you in April.