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The Impact Project

A look at how our portfolio companies are shifting the status quo and impacting patient lives

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After living with type 2 diabetes for over three decades, Mike was coming to terms with having a few good years of life left. Less than a year later, after finding Virta, he has reversed his diabetes, lost fifty pounds, and is looking forward to old age.

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Ambient Clinical Analytics

After a long-awaited liver transplant, Kevin had a 30% chance of surviving his hospital infection. Six weeks later he went fishing with his family. A hospital monitoring algorithm from Ambient helped make it possible.

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Home care built for our parents. And you.

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Collective Health

A platform for forward-thinking companies to self-fund their health benefits.

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Kit Check

Faster, safer, and friendlier medication tracking.

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Omada Health

A pioneer in digital therapeutics, helping people reduce their risk for chronic diseases.

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A wearable documentation service that empowers doctors to spend more time with patients and less time on charting.

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Building telepsychiatry networks to bring mental healthcare to underserved populations. (Acquired by Genoa)

An online platform guiding companies through the process of becoming HIPAA compliant.

Clinical guidelines, analytics and decision support in your EHR

Powerful analytics based bedside clinical decision support tools for hospitals' critical care units.

Empowering people to make more confident decisions about their healthcare

An application deployment and compliance platform designed to streamline HIPAA compliance.

Optimizing medications through data-driven clinical services.

Building the backbone of the learning health system. (Acquired by athenehealth)

Empowering doctors to spend more time with patients and less time charting.

Bringing AEDs to the masses

A dental benefits company that provides discount cards, insurance plans, and wellness solutions.

Accelerating life science R&D with an intelligent cloud-based software platform.

Helps small businesses transition to the new era of health benefits. (Acquired by HealthMarkets)

Transforming an ordinary cardio machine into beautiful trails and inspiring classes.

Empowering everyone to prevent heart disease in one simple step.

Pioneers in truly wearable technology.

Bringing predictive analytics to the world of cancer care.

Your heart rate monitor, reinvented.

Predictive insights powered by non-medical staff. (Acquired by Mindoula Health)

Smart mobile technology to make family care more cost-effective and convenient.

The world's first programmable and wearable smoking cessation therapy.

Easy-to-use, highly adaptive, 21st century data capture for clinical trials

(Acquired by Elekta)

A smarter way to provide healthcare coverage through technology.

(Acquired by HealthTap)

The fastest, easiest way to see a board-certified doctor or mental health professional on your computer, tablet, or phone.

The best mobile EHR experience for physicians and their patients.

Accelerating scientific research with insight and confidence.

Automating FDA compliance and approval.

New ways to measure health in everyday life

Celebrating the health conscious.

Home care built for our parents. And you.

Making any medicine precision medicine.

Turning experience into better medicine. (Acquired by GoodRx)

Connecting parents with resources when they need it most. (Acquired by Care.com)

Faster, safer, and friendlier medication tracking.

The first mobile coaching solution designed specifically to help children and families. (Acquired by WW)

Helping consumers research, find, and buy the best supplements.

Helping people with hand tremor eat more easily and with confidence. (Acquired by Google)

Simplifying the pain of health plan decisions with data-driven recommendations.

Using expertise in game design and mobile software development to improve health outcomes. (Acquired by TrialCard)

Community as a wraparound service.

Improving access to medications by providing financial assistance through the pharmacy.

Moxe helps health systems navigate the challenges of interoperability.

Transforming the diagnosis & treatment of cognitive decline.

A pioneer in digital therapeutics, helping people reduce their risk for chronic diseases.

Making care transitions easy.

(Acquired by Ginger.io)

On a mission to rid the world of diabetic foot ulcers.

Digitizing the clinical research site to make clinical trials faster, cheaper, and more predictable.

Helping people understand what's happening inside their bodies

Using artificial intelligence to simplify health insurance information.

(Acquired by MyFitnessPal)

Personalized one-on-one MRI consultation.

Powering the mobile wellness movement

Patients and caregivers centered groups learning about complex illnesses and treatments

Builds respiration sensors that know when you're tense and remind you to take a deep breath.

The mobile-first suite of "Benefits for Independents,” is directly integrated into the largest on-demand marketplaces in the world.

The first dental office on wheels that visits you at work.

Reinventing the pharmacy. (Acquired by Cardinal Health)

Virta is an online diabetes reversal clinic.

The first all-in-one digital solution for digestive health.

A modular patient relationship management platform.

Extending the reach of care management services to support patients.

Making it easier for you to get and stay healthy. (Acquired by Weight Watchers)

Growing healthy families.

Eating well made simple.

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