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Implications of the SPAC boom in digital health

Glitter or gold? What the SPAC trend means for digital health

2021 opened with a whirlwind of SPAC-triggered public exit activity in digital health. In this post, we share insights and analysis on how digital health’s SPAC boom will impact four different stakeholder groups, as well as implications for the entire ecosystem.

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Digital health offers a path forward

To infinity and beyond: Digital health’s role in vaccine rollout

From information access to proof of vaccination, digital health solutions are popping up to meet this crucial phase of COVID-19 vaccine distribution. Rock Health Consulting shares insight on efforts underway and where there is still unmet need.

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Predictions for digital health in 2021

What’s ahead for digital health in 2021?

Now what? With 2020 in the rearview mirror we break down the forces that will shape the trajectory of digital health over the next twelve months. We explore four themes that will impact digital health this year.

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Reimagining clinical trials through digital health

Next-gen digital health innovation in clinical trials

There has been an explosion of digital health innovation in clinical trials. The Rock Health Consulting team explores this evolution and what the next horizon will bring to clinical trials.

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Three pillars of successful digital health platforms

Digital health’s platform wars are heating up

Digital health platforms continue to emerge and evolve. Rock Health Consulting explores different types of digital health platforms, the core pillars they are each built upon, and what it takes to succeed in the platform wars.

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What to know about the shifting balance of power

Where will you stand in healthcare’s new world order?

Digital disruption in healthcare is here, but the open question remains, who will be the winners in the new world order? Startups, big tech, and retail are all contenders. Rock Health Consulting explores what each of these types of players has to offer and how incumbents can respond.

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A truly unprecedented period in US healthcare

The future of healthcare: The end of digital health

Major market forces are accelerating change in a healthcare environment that is ripe for the rapid adoption of innovation. The Rock Health Consulting team shares our take on the future of healthcare—over the coming weeks we will expand upon these themes in a series of deep dives.

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Deep dive on the back to work market

Back to work, not back to normal

The “back to work” market is less than six months old, but it’s a rapidly growing segment of digital health that will be critical to re-opening classrooms and workplaces. The Rock Health Consulting team shares our take on the types of solutions we’re seeing, the players, the challenges in the space, and the long-term opportunities for back to work technology.