Rock Boston Startup Spotlight: Podimetrics

Jeff Engler, Co-founder of Podimetrics
What big health care problem are you solving?
Team Podimetrics is committed to freeing the world from diabetic foot ulcers, a condition that leads to 100,000 unnecessary amputations in the US each year.  We met at MIT’s H@cking Medicine Hackathon back in October 2011, and we’ve been working on solving this problem since then.
How have you been able to use the local clinical expertise supporting Rock Boston?
The physicians here have been nothing short of amazing.  They’re warm and friendly, and they have a wide range of expertise.  Many have worked for medical technology companies beforehand, or they’ve been at the FDA, or they’ve conducted substantial research, so they have an understanding of our issues and of thoughtful ways to address them.  We discuss protocols, strategy, user experience, positioning…basically everything.
What has been the best part of being in Boston?
There are so many brilliant people here.  Anytime we have a question there’s always a stable of people who are eager to help.  We also love being part of the Rock Health community.  There’s a lot of collaboration across the teams, and seeing the world through their eyes has helped us to refine our mission, and hopefully it’s allowed our experiences to help them.
What music are you currently hacking/coding to?