Rock Weekly: If you aren’t getting escorted out of a hospital, you aren’t trying hard enough




August 12th, 2013

Our 3rd Health Innovation Summit was a smashing success (check out photos here). We dove into wearables, heard some memorable quotables (Steve Blank: “If you aren’t getting escorted out of a hospital, you aren’t trying hard enough”), and had the first dance-off ever held at a healthcare conference.  It happened.  

Get into the groove with this week’s headlines. 


How 3-D Printing Body Parts Will Revolutionize Medicine
Popular Science

What Do Our Google Searches Tell Us About Depression?
New York Times

82 Percent Of Clinicians To Use Both Smartphones And Tablets Next Year

Nine Health Wearables For Your Head

Looming Questions Remain About Technology For Marketplaces
Kaiser Health News

New Computer Programming Language Imitates The Human Brain

Oracle’s Digital Health Push: Acquisitions & Investments
CB Insights

Rock Health in the News

Patients Don’t Mind If The Doc Wears Google Glass
Technology Review

Kinsights Launches Its Digital Health Record For Parents And Pediatricians


Name Amt Investors Source
MyFitnessPal $18M Kleiner Perkins Byers & Caufield, Accel Partners Wall Street Journal
ClearData $7M Norwest Venture Partners, Excel Venture Management TechCrunch
LifeNexus $4M Undisclosed MobiHealthNews
FitBionic $2.2M KMG Capital Partners, High Country Venture, CID4 FinSMEs
Maxwell Health $2M Tribeca Venture Partners and others VentureBeat
Neural Analytics $200K Undisclosed SEC filing
CrossChx Undisclosed Drive Capital FinSMEs