Rock Weekly: The Best Fitness Apps & Why Big Data Can Make You Happier and Healthier

October 15th, 2012 
We’re midway through Rocktober and the fun’s just beginning.  There are some sweet events this month, so check out our Events page for all the deets and exclusive discounts.  And we’ll be announcing our next class in no time.  Stay tuned!


Redefining Medicine With Apps and iPads
New York Times

With Telemedicine as Bridge, No Hospital Is an Island
New York Times

How Cell-Phone Data Could Slow the Spread of Malaria
Technology Review

Larklife Looks to Help You Improve Your Health and Your Sleep

Apps Alert the Doctor When Trouble Looms
New York Times

The Best Fitness Apps

Would You Want to See Everything Your Doctor Writes About You?
The Atlantic

Rock Health in the News

The Coming Revolution in Healthcare

Despite Some Doom & Gloom, The Future For Healthtech (And Health Investing) Is Bright

How Big Data Can Make Us Happier and Healthier

Healthy Consumers And The Future Of The Patient-Physician Relationship

Meet Rock Health and the New Wave of Female Founders in Healthcare
The Daily Muse

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